When's the next GSSR?

Hello, I’m a relatively new player and just decided on paying for a few quartz. Gotta say that the guaranteed SSR felt great and was wondering when is the next guaranteed 5star banner.

Also, are these types of banners all 15 quartz or was this a one time offer? And are they all on an anniversary?

Appreciate any helpful replies, thanks.

usually 2x -3x a year. Basically at the start of the year and anniversary. From now on 15sq cost


The next GSSR banner comes on New Year. GSSR banners are a bi-annual thing, usually occuring with the New Year and Anniversary events. Do note that each of them go by different mechanics such as by class, limited exclusive pools etc. so you may want to look it up for the specifics. Since the currently ongoing one, they now only need 15 paid quartz.

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Next one is for the new year, then 4th anniversary, new year again etc

Starting with 3rd anniversary’s GSSR they all will cost only 15 quartz

Also sometimes GSSR are different, for example the next one (New Year) won’t have story locked characters and you can’t choose by class, you’ll get a random 5☆ Servants from all the 5☆ limited Servants available (so no non-limited or story locked)

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I see. Thanks for the replies. Making this a bi-annual thing makes a lot of sense or else I would be seeing a lot of limited servants at high NP levels.
Also, the 15 paid SQ per roll is super great on my wallet.

Yo great job looking out for newbies

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Yeah, usually I don’t spend money on gacha games, but 15sq aren’t a lot and FGO is one of those few games in which all the 5☆ are good or at least decent, so whatever you get can be useful

And since it’s such a nice game I’m glad I can somehow support the devs and show how much I enjoy playing this game

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