._. Where are you duo singer?

I don’t have other things to do in feh so I collect duo heroes ._. But. Where are our singer/dancer duos? I guess imma post here in a attempt to summon them to the game :p image


Harmonized Duo dorothea and leanne, their skill dances a random ally


Did i actually miss a banner :0 i guess i did since i took a break from feh. Omg

There isn’t one, and hopefully never will be. Harmonic is fine though since they don’t have the duel skill.


Next month likely if they don’t skip it to another month.


As long as they don’t give them a prf dance skill the duel skill won’t matter a whole lot


No @npclucario just likes 3 houses. I would love to see a dancer with a Duo skill. But I tend to not complain about duos as much as most people because no matter how broken IS makes that button the AI can’t use it. So I never have to actually fight against it.



That your pfp has someone playing an instrument will help :feh_bigbeauty:


Duo Hero Dorothea and Manuela.


Maybe not on offense, but consider the people who have to build arena defense and ard teams and have to worry about countering yet another potential strategy.

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Well that’s gonna happen no matter what but would you rather Duo Micaiah with an insane button that the player can only use once but is otherwise just another Micaiah alt, or would.you rather harmonic mia who is an insanely strong unit with a mediocre button. I’d rather the insanity be placed into the button and have the unit themselves be easy enough to deal with

Excuse you are you saying my Micaiah isn’t amazing without her Duo button? :feh_hecmad:

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I’m saying we’ve already seen her 3 other times in as many years

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Also as someone who does have a +atk Duo micaiah… she’s ok sans the button
She’d have been a lot better with a forced double in her weapon and mirror impact in her slot a than having mini mirror impact in her weapon and atk/res push in her slot a

Well tbh

She’s literally a “If i don’t kill I die” machine,considering she doesn’t have a guaranteed follow up,but that would be super shit broken and I understeand why they didn’t do it

Well no one cares about Arena defense, and duo’s hindrance is a trek to fit in, but far from impossible.

Honestly as more broken duos get released I think duo’s hindrance is gonna become more prevalent


I’ve got a +res Brideciah - and i will say my issue is generally the OHKO on initiation. (I try not to use the “Delete” button if necessary (and even then she doesn’t ALWAYS OHKO (sometimes she does. but just saying). I might actually upgrade Mirror strike for her (which could be better than DB +6 becuse it just gives her more res) - but something that i am always. always amused -

Dragons just bounce off Micaiah. (i almost always forget lol. so i freak out - then it’s just. “clink”). it’s actually pretty cool that for most res based things. unless there’s a special - Micaiah is inflicting zeros. so i don’t mind the Push.

:thinking: the only Duo i don’t have is Idunn (mostly because i don’t really care about her). and even if i had her she’d die for her A skill. I will say if we have a dancer banner. we’ll probably have a Dancer Duo. and if it’s not this year - it will be next.


I hope its a ferdinand and dorothea duo

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