Where can I find a Shadow Mawile?

I fought them in PVP and one of my friends have one. Unfortunately the internet hasn’t been helpful about how they got one and my friend seems to have forgotten how they got one when I asked. I gotta know, where can I get one, I’d love to have one.

If in doubt, Silph Road are usually helpful. Here’s their current list of Rocket Stop line-ups:

I don’t think it’s currently in any of the “reward” slots at the moment, but we’re probably due a change-up sometime in October seeing as the last one was early July.

IIRC, it was a leader’s reward. There aren’t any steel-type grunts yet and Fairy has always been Ralts or Snubull. So until the shake-up the fairy grunts, might be a while.

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As in it was a Team Rocket Leader reward before?

Correct. Don’t remember which one.

It was Arlo

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