Where can I find the anime?

Placing this in fluff as it’s about the anime. I found the first OVA of the F:GO anime on crunchy roll and it was a great start to the anime. However the first OVA is all they have and I would like to watch the rest of the OVA’s however I have searched Netflix and a bit of Hulu with no luck. Is there a free to watch website or a streaming service and if so what is it? Thanks.

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You can watch Babylonia on Funimation.

It is on Crunchyroll. But I couldn’t find any regional information so it may not be for you.

But it’s a bunch behind because Sony and aniplex decided to be annoying.

I think this one sent a lot of people out to sea. But hey, there’s pirates in FGO so it’s okay…probably.

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The only anime is that 1 ep special, Babylonia (airing now), and an upcoming Camelot movie (I think). No other FGO chapters have been adapted.

Try torrent sites if you don’t live in a country with strict internet laws, nyaa is the first that comes to mind.




darn honestly I wouldn’t have minded fan subbed Singularities 1-5. Since I’ve seen clips of it but nothing with any voice to it. I’d watch Babylonia but considering I’m still going through Camelot with most of my best Servants hovering around 60 and the end boss being a level 90 I don’t think I’ll be seeing that singularity for a while.

Eps 0 - 5 are on Crunchyroll atm, at least in my region.

So is there still just the one episode in the flame city, another set that’s actually a series in Babylonia and Camelot still isn’t out. If so guess I should really work on Babylonia to avoid spoilers before I watch it and hope that they eventually adapt the other areas 2-6 (though I could swear I’ve see Boudica and Nero scene.

There are a few little cut-scenes that have been animated in various sources (I think mostly TV ads?), but nothing substantial. Kind of a shame, as I’d love to see Nero in an anime that doesn’t suck (why couldn’t they just adapt Extra?).

Also, just a word of warning about Kissanime.ru, I’d recommend getting some script-blockers and similar security software installed on your browser before using that site. There is a Reddit post somewhere that gives some suggestion for ways to get around their anti-adblock code, as well.

I’ll look for it but I’d love if you could post the reddit link for me

I don’t have it, I am afraid. I found it in the process of looking for good anime streaming sites. It was among the top results I got from Google, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find. Wish I could be of more help, but that’s really all I can recall about it.