Where can I get Phoenix Feathers?

FYI I have not cleared Salomon yet.

You might as well beat Solomon and beat the Salem singularity for feathers. The best part 1 node has a shit drop rate compared to the Salem node.


Focus on clearing Solomon so you can take part in Saber Wars 2 - it gives Feathers as a mission reward. More than you’ll get in drops farming free quests right now.

If you need any help finishing part 1 give us a shout in the help list, any kind of servant you need can be put up.


I believe there’s hunting quest or the next lotto event that has Feathers available to farm endlessly so I’d advise not farming feathers right now unless you need them desperately.

Not only is there a hunting quest but Christmas itself gives 1 per box if you exchange the mat ticket for them.

I’m actually short of feathers myself for skilling Astarte since I spent them on ascending servants for SQ, and I’m just going to get the event reward ones and whatever comes from nat AP HQ, then finally box farming ahoy.