Where did the chaldea tea time go?

It not that urgent but I just noticed that the chaldean tea time is Missing in my Mana prims shop so has anyone has this kind of problem or they just exclude it to the game which should not be of course but I can’t find it anywhere and I’m worried that by the time I want to buy it maybe it’s still not in my da Vinci shop just look at this

See? It’s not in here I even clear the cache to try and fix it but nothing happened even my last problem about mash voicelines in her profile are still not fixed.
So if anyone know where I can report this so that the devs can help me with it pls send me some link or tell me where to ask for devs some help.
Cuz the Lost of Chaldea teatime in my shop will be very concerning for my future account.

Didn’t it expire from the MP shop?


It was available for a limited period. It’ll come back permanently in the RP shop in February


The shop CE’s are only initially released for around 3 months. After that they disappear for about a year when they will be unlock able from the rp shop

It ended this February, so wait until next year to buy it for a rare prism in the Day Vinci Shop


Hahaha I was worried for nothing hahaha
Btw thanks for the information I was in panic when it lost in the shop turns out it’s limited :fgo_jeannecheer:
I still have time to earn Mana and rare prismz in the meantime

mash threw the tea out and you just now noticed?


I just picture Mash waiting patiently outside Master’s room, with a tray containing a mug of now very, very cold tea…


Thats so sad… Tristan, open your eyes and witness this.