Where do people know that Merlin Prototype was a girl?

Is there some Manga or Light Novel where we can get an insight of the Proto world of Fate? I know there is an one episode OVA.

Arthur’s NP. The one speaking is Proto Merlin.

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Arthur’s voice lines from “My room” where he wonders that wow, Merlin is a man here?

Here, added screenshots:

And yes, there are 5 volumes of Fate/Prototype: Sougin no Fragments (Fragments of Sky-Silver/Fragments of Blue and Silver), it’s a prequel to OVA, and it’s not translated to English. There are also several CD dramas based of Fragments.


She is mentioned in “Fate/Prototype: Fragments of Sky Silver” and Arthur in FGO makes a reference to her, saying that Arturia sounds like the Merlin he knows.

"I heard a voice earlier. Is Merlin here? Eh? Altria? Merlin isn’t here then. They have similar voices, so… "

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I think that i know it from the CD drama? I don’t know i just read it in the wiki

His trial quest also makes reference to a female mage talking to him and he later calls her Merlin. It is funny, his VA voices Artoria’s Merlin and her VA voices Arthur’s Merlin

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I like how they have the voice of Merlin being the voice of Arthur in the same way that the voice of Altria is the voice of Proto-Merlin.


The important question here is: Is Proto Merlin a Saberface?


That’s unknow for now, but we may find it in Lostbelt Camelot

If female Merlin isn’t just regular Merlin with tits, imma riot. :fgo_illya:


There are chances that she is the girl of the trailer with a similar staff, and if that is she then she isn’t that simple, but she may look like Artoria in some way if she is the girl of the trailer