Where do Zenkai Awakened units fit on the Tier List?

Hi DbLegends gg

You have updated the Tier List but it does not have any mention of the Zenkai Awakened units within the Tier List.

I Understand this is difficult to quantify as they obtain different uniques as the go up in awakened levels.
However it would be fantastic if you could provide discussion on meta relevancy, possible teams, and where they sit on the tier List at various levels of Awakening.
Ie Z- Awakening Novice, Adept and Godly

Maybe a Z1 Goku may be irrelevant this meta but a Z3 or Z7 Goku could take the place on the core of certain teams and be meta relevant.

These questions I find difficult to answer and would really appreciate your more extensive knowledge.

Below are two Saiyan teams if the SS Goku was Z awakened to Level 7 would he better than SS4 Vegeta who already is a Z ability Fighter?. Utilizing the Z7 Goku if he was better would allow more ability bonuses and the use of LF Goku. If he is not better the traditional Baby2 ,SS4 Vegeta/Goku Configuration would be more powerful and synergistic.

Is SS4 Vegeta or Z7 SS Goku the better red unit for a Saiyan team?

Furthermore it begs the question are the new awakend units just Crystal swallowers when you have a unit such as SS4 Vegeta with arguably better damage dealing potential synergy and so much easier to obtain?

regarding Synergy for example Lineage of Evil may not have the best fighters but their Powerful Synergy keeps them Top Tier.
Yet all these Awakened Units are contending with units that provide better Synergy for their respective teams.
Ie SSGoku vs SS4 Vegeta (Saiyan)
Beerus vs LF Vegeta. (God Ki)
SS Broly vs Movie Blue Vegeta (Movie Sagas)
Sometimes Synergy provides more strength than Raw stats.

They are a huge investment to Z7 a SS Goku but are the benefits of Z-awakened ablilities, stats and uniques as powerful as they are worth it? When given all that SS4 Vegeta may still just be the better unit. This is what keeps me up at night haha

If you could please provide at least an analysis on the Zenkai units at Z1,Z3 and Z7 that would provide me with so much more insight.

Kind Regards

bro you are lucky to have angry goku at 7 stars. Are you like super lucky or like a whale?

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I actually got super lucky on this step up banner and the Frieza banner getting him

I actually don’t know. I kinda want to wait until some youtuber manage to get him to Z7 and showcase him, so we can get an idea of how much strong he is, (Ofc, with the right team).

Hiya! I’m new to this site, didn’t know something like this existed xD

My only experience comes from Z1 Zenkaiku, as it’s the only one of the three I’m able to zenkai (funny fact: I pulled 2 Beerus, but just one Broly, and my account is almost day 1). I managed to zenkai him yesterday, and I’ve been trying him since then. Today, I also pulled the ssj4 Vegeta, so I mashed them together in a team with ssj GTku (full saiyan bench, with ssj VeGTa, purple ssj3 Goku and ex Tora instead of Raditz, which I may change). Before that, I was using Zenkaiku with ssj Bardock and ssj GTku (ssj bench).

I really get what you expose about comparing Zenkaiku to ssj4 Vegeta, as they kinda lay on the same spot as red saiyans. The only difference in their usage is that Vegeta can be used on GT, and Zenkaiku can be used on ssj. On ssj, Goku performs very well: very consistent damage, and although sometimes clunky, his 30% damage reduction really feels useful. As for Vegeta, I’ve only tried him on the team stated above.

Speaking of which, Vegeta really feels more powerful than Zenkaiku ON THAT SPECIFIC TEAM. He just does a ot of damage, and even though Goku can chain longer combos when his reduction pops up, Vegeta ends up damaging more, and more consistently. I really feel ssj4 Vegeta better than Z1 Zenkaiku in every aspect but tanking (which Vegeta isn’t suppose to do, but whatever). But I also feel Zenkaiku strong, specially in ssj teams, and his zenkai ability is also useable from the bench (which I’m yet to try). I’m in fact planning to use the same RRG team, but swapping Zenkaiku with base Vegito, and put Zenkaiku on the bench (the team is nice and very funny, but could really use some tanking).

Overall, I think Zenkai units are really useful in its own way. The thing is, having other options really makes them kinda situational, as they “only” have ridiculously high base stats, their zenkai ability and a couple situational abilities. I’ll come back when I try the Vegito swap, so I could tell you guys ;P

That does make sense I’ve never seen fought a Z7… its like the myth of the Legendary Super Saiyan …mwith three actual legendary mythics Beerus, Goku and Broly.

Thank you for your input your point on the buffs are situational on Zenkai units. Congrats on your pulls.

I build teams around a Zenkai unit but the synergy and direction of the team is not quite there.

My theory is that the Strength of these units at full Z7 abilities is in their ability to provide powerful buffs to colour counter teams.
Eg RRG With SS Goku, Goku Black, LF Vegeta
BBP With SS Broly, Gogeta Blue, SS Vegito
GGR With Beerus, LF Vegeta and Whis/ Black.
At Z7 Zenkai ability buffing 4 stats at 40% of another Z tier fighter. May just be enough to make Colour counter teams relevant.

I ran this team for a bit trying to run A GGR team with plenty of Z-abilty bonuses and bonuses to LF Vegeta.
The reality of most games though was that two Greens units are easily exposed with units that lock, SSGodpurple Vegeta, Yellow Gohan lock into Bojack, Red Vegito lock into Purple Vegito put you in a world of pain.
In these scenarios I simply run the LF Vegeta / Black combination with the other unit for the colours in the team. This makes Beerus simply an additional Buffer for LF Vegeta.

Most times I think instead of running Beerus as an additional buffer for LF Vegeta I’d rather have Yellow KK God Goku to provide me a full colour wheel.

My experience is that Colour counter teams are only relevant when there biggest threat are the weakest colour as is the case of the 1month Hit YYB or when Purple Broly made green Irrelevant a year ago. But when those strong units were released that were their counter they just became obsolete.

Will the Zenkai abilities make these teams have more than situational buffs? At Z1 I do not think they are as impactful as having a full colour wheel.

What are any ideas of teams that could work with Zenkai units that don’t feel Clunky?

I think you could really go for zenkai buffs in combinations that have colour disadvantage nulifiers. Right now, I can only think about Rosé with Zenkaiku, but he really wants some future or god partners that could use his debuf… Maybe Rosé, Zenkaiku and LF Vegeta? That could pivot into zenkai gods with Beerus.

But again, that crushes into purples. Maybe we need to wait until we can have two consecutive colours with nice colour disadvantage nullifiers. Right off the bat, I can only think about Rosé, Zenkaiku and transforming future Gohan, but it really wouldn’t have that good Z synergy.

P.D.: Ssj with Zenkaiku really feels good. The only clunky thing about it is that it doesn’t present a perfect wheel without Super Vegito (I’d honestly love to try that), and you don’t really have options: it’s always your main trio, like when Trinity was a thing.

The most Viable Colour Counter Team with the characters we have currently utilizing a Zenkai unit.Would be RRG

I’d agree would be
SS Goku , Black, and LF Vegeta
Blacks colour nullification ability and LFVegeta ability to lock a blue unit, may keep you getting exploited.

The compromise however is that this team becomes a Saiyan team rather than Godki team.
Radditz, LF Goku, etc as bench.

I’d love to see these teams in action then again I hope It’s not a situation where yes the Zenkai buffs make a huge difference and these teams are so oppressive that I think Oh Snap.

I’d actually love to see that team in action. About the bench, I suppose it would be the one that could give more Z bonus, so I supose it’ll be saiyans. The only advantage on running a gods bench would be ssg Goku, but Zenkaiku wouldn’t care about that, so I think just saiyans is ok. The thing is, in my play group, only one of us got to pull LF Vegeta, and he doesn’t have either a 7 stars Zenkaiku or Rosé, so we’ll have to wait until somebody else pulls the rest of the team xD

Hey! Site Lead for DBL here. We go back and forth about whether to rate Zenkais or not. There are strong arguments on both sides. Ultimately, we decided to leave them out for now because not enough players can reasonably obtain that level for them to have a consistent impact on the meta, and they are only unlockable to the first level. Using one rocks, running into one sucks, but as far as solidifying their spot in the meta? Not enough data available TBH. Kudos on the Zenkai though. You can basically treat any of them as Z tier.

Hey Gosen,

Thank you for the reply and a huge shout out to what you and your administrators do with this site.

I do understand the data issue when it comes to
Tier listing Zenkai units they are rare in PvP their investment, time, resources and crystals immense to obtain them.

Within the community I believe many people utilise your tierlists as a strong indicator too which banners to summon for.

I think we all understand that these characters are powerful in a vacuum their stats, zenkai bonuses, additional uniques make you want to blink twice.

But as you stated I don’t think at one Awakening level they are having an impact on the meta at all.

So the real purpose of my question is to ask if any of these units were able to be awakend to Z7.

  1. Would they Impact the Meta?
  2. What teams would we see them on as core units?
  3. Is it worth spending 20k worth of Crystals with the alternate team members available that may be just or more effective?

And yes you have answered this question not enough data yet. I will wait for that data to become available. As a community we are thinking of these questions , these are some of our thoughts and impressions.

Ultimately we are asking is it worth summoning on the Zenkai banners?
(Again I know the answer it’s the answer I’ve come to myself and that is why I asking other sources- Not enough Information.)

Anyway enough droning on from me, you are a great resource site and very informative and I am looking forward to the articles you forward in the future.

Merry Christmas

Hey guys (Merry Christmas btw lol), i don’t know about you guys but just like Monkapotamus said, their buffs and unique are situational. With that being said, I have a feeling that they gonna release units that actually are meant to run with these guys. For example, when EX Broly released and by just reading his abilities, it was obviously that he is meant to run with Hit.

That or they just gonna realease more Zenkai units that actually buff each other. I just hope they do something about how expensive it is to get just one.

Hey Black Rose

Regarding the need to support Zenkai Awakened units I do think they need better colour counter units.
As EX Broly.

I actually believe that Super Vegeta Yellow (Speculation) will be one of the next units being Zenkaied in the near future and was thinking what a team with Ex Broly, Super Vegeta, an LF Angry Goku wold look like?

The cost of these Zenkai Awakenings are inhibitive as even now the cost of so many Chrono Crystals into a situational unit just feels like a bad investment.

Furthermore these are the only the first three with further releases of new Awakenings like Super Vegeta, OG Future Trunks (Speculation) How could anyone keep up with such an aggressive pricing point.

Again I completely agree with you and hope that something supports these units better or this would be a huge opportunity lost for Bandai for what I believe was a great and exciting idea.

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Hey Gosen

Just a suggestion to allow players to make a more effective analysis of Zenkai Units.

Would it be possible to incorporate the additional stats a Zenkai Units can obtain.
(Ie most units can Obtain 698%)
Zenkai Units can obtain an additional 100% stat boost as the go up the Z level.(upto 698%)

If you could please Incorporate additional stat increases in the Fighter Section that would allow for some better analysis amoungst the community.

At least this way players can make informed decisions based on their specific circumstances.

Just a suggestion.


HEY! Sorry for the late reply. I was actually working with a writer of mine to form a response to this because you bring up some excellent points. Keep your eyes open for an article we are working on that will address Zenkais, their place in our power ranking, and whether they are worth pulling or not. To answer your question for now, SS4 Vegeta is a far better choice for Saiyan until Goku can get to Z7, also much easier to obtain and cheaper overall.

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I have a level 7 + 1 beerus at z 3 and in my opinion he kinda week I’m slow at updating his z awakening because it’s expensive as hell and I hate co-op. My experience with him is he is easy to kill one rush will take out his whole health bar . I like him better then my goku and Brolly, brollys too slow . In my opinion this is meant to be the top of the meta and will be soon. I’ve seen in other games these singular characters be so op the only way to beat them is with another one.

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Hey Gosen

Thank you again for your reply and I actually found the article that was posted to be quite insightful. Especially because near Christmas I was faced with that very dilemma to spend on the SS4 Banner or go for one Zenkai unit.

Well I went for the SS4 Banner and being able to get all the new units to at least 5 stars each (Baby way Higher)
felt a way better investment than investing in one character.

However watching You-tubers like Goresh utilise a Z7 Beerus is quite astonishing though as it provides the team Buffs/Disruption/and Equipment that still tempts me to get that one unit.
Watching that Showcase made me agree he is a Z-tier unit.

What made him a powerhouse was his ability to chain buffs too and from Whis, Black and LF Vegeta they are all buffing each other and can all Heal… that synergy was ridiculous to watch.

My 4 thoughts after waiting 4 weeks and looking at Zenkai units are:

  1. Team composition:
    Goresh created a GodKi Team composed of RRG and GGR and RGB by utilising Goku Black, Whis, Beerus and LF Vegeta as a core, this was very insightful( It blew my Mindhole!) as I always thought of a team as being simply a single colour counter with regards to Zenkai units.
    With this make up against power house purple units he could opt to use the RRG version and with blacks colour nullification Main made it more difficult for Blue units to maintain advantage.
  1. Team Buffs :
    Do the Zenkai units have double or single Z-ability Buffs? I’ve found that a major issue with Zenkai units is sometimes they feel like just another Bench unit. The more effective ones I believe have double buffs. This is because a unit with a double- Z ability would be a preferred bench unit anyway. You are not losing an ability bonus selecting that unit.

  2. Stats are not everything :
    Some of the appeal of Zenkai units are there ridiculous stats.
    However without damage modifiers within their Kit these numbers can feel sub-par. This is illustrated by Purple Broly and Kaioken Goku after their transformations they boast some of the highest stats in the game but their lack of damage modifiers has left them slip into the history books. Yet units like Yellow Cell with a 40% damage modifier has kept this unit relevant for almost 1 year.
    Zenkai Broly and Goku do not have these and I feel this limits these units being utilised as core units.

Exception: Stats do seem to feel a whole more relevant when it comes to defence though as illustrated by RED Vegito as a Tank Role that Stat increase when at 14 stars made him feel a whole lot more durable.

  1. You can Zenkai 6:
    The 3rd and most powerful unique ability for a Zenkai unit is unlocked at level 6 not level 7. The Final Unique ability for a Zenkai unit is usually the real reason you would want the unit in the first place. That cost is so expensive however for most that is just a fantasy. Being able to unlock at 6 will save you approximately 3300 Crystals and reduce the cost to Zenkai a unit to approximately 16500 Crystals.
    That is still a butt-load of Crystals but every crystal counts.

Final Thoughts:

*After 4 weeks i feel Z6+ Beerus is a Z-Tier Unit this is because:

  • Disruption Seals Cards and Main Abilities, Removes enemy Damage Buffs 3x

  • Ultimate move that off a Whis Buff will One Shot.

  • High Stats Coupled with 40% Damage modifier

  • Provides Team Damage Buffs and Team Enemy Debuffs totalling 40%, this coupled with Whis, Black and EVEN Himself creates huge Damage Synergy.

  • *That Equipment …Most powerful in the game.

Final Final Thoughts:
I believe that the newly revealed Zenkai Majin Buu is going to be a slept on unit as it meets many of these criteria.
He is already a staple in Regeneration as Bench with Defensive Double Z Ability (He is in the team anyway)

High Stats coupled with smaller modifier of 25% at Z1. These Stats coupled with HIs unique Soft Body and an active Baby Main will make him an impenetrable Wall. His Role is a Tank and even at Z1 his uniques allow him to outclass Red Vegito ( An Amazing Tank for Fusions) in almost every way.

Please look at Soft Body and calculate Baby’s Healing Buffs too that ability.(It will Blow your Mind Hole)

As well as being a Tank provides Team Healing and Team Buffs and Utility with being able to Lock 3X( one of the strongest abilities in the game in my Opinion)

Zenkai Buu coupled with a Baby Main may bring us back to the old Regeneration Days of oppressive Walls and Long matches.


I want to give you props for your work bc you are putting together a lot of useful and interesting information. Maybe you could write for us one day :) I also don’t want to put the carriage before the horse as we are working on something currently (my goal is to have it posted today) that will answer all remaining questions about Zenkai, where they fit in our lists, and what the optimal builds are. I’m very excited to have it up.