Where is the REPORT button in Summoner Duels?

…So I can report the mode itself?

I hope they reduce the amount of points you need to get all the rewards in the future. Can’t say I really enjoyed getting where I am now. Who thought Quick Draw was a good idea? I’ve literally only seen another captain skill once and I crushed that guy.

Someone really wants to keep that number 1 spot… Yeah, I’m not going to compete with that :feh_sothispout:

I suppose this is what a true rage quit looks like. I don’t blame them

I admit my strategy was kinda toxic… but you gotta fight fire with fire right?


Arena encourages whaling.

AR encouraged creativity (pre-bitchgate) and now encourages cavlines and cat balls.

SD encourages being a bitch.

… Can we find a “PvP” mode that doesn’t turn people into trolls and twats?


No, it encouraged Turn 1 bullshit (especially after Gurd and Nótt)

Yes there were variations but it was all the same idea

You will never convince me that the mode was not a hellhole at any point


I believe more and more that this mode should have no rewards or rankings so it was played for fun or crazy people


The mode existed long before movement shenanigans were popular. And for awhile, before BT could be levelled up to a ridiculous high, there were no serious problems with it.

Then lvl 7-8 BT, then Kronya, then DuoHecc, then turn 1, then cavlines, then Gurd lines, then 7th unit traps, then bitchgate, then saveballs, then cancer.

I know how you feel about it, but there was a LONG stretch of time before people had the resources to level up the BT to ruin shit. That’s the stretch of time I’m saying involved some level of creativity.


The unranked side of it should keep rewards considering it does have a little variety. The ranked side, however, will be exactly like every T39 ARD you’ll ever find: the same whaled out bullshit maneuvers that every other jackass uses. That mode should be for bragging rights only.


This just made me wonder if I’m just a greedy F2P or a masochist

I feel like a mercenary

“What, you want me to play THAT mode? No, thanks—200 grails you say?”


Probably not, it’s too ingrained in internet/ videogame culture to ever truly be able to keep out.

It’s unfortunate, but everything I’ve seen over the years tell me that is the reality of things in regard to stuff like this.

i think the dumbest thing about quick draw is how little it affects the match when the other player has quick draw too. it just boils down the whole thing to either being optimal for not getting your ass beat by people who use it or optimal for beating the asses of people who don’t use it


Pretty Nott pic by btw I don’t really try that hard for Summoner Duels.

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The rewards are the only draw, and even then I’ll admit it’s not worth the struggle. Day 1 it was because no one had figured out the “meta” yet.

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Damn, dodged a bullet when I dropped the mode after like 5 games.


Can’t believe I’m saying I’m looking forward to ARena even if it’s going to be potentially annoying and scoring like ass rather than this summoner pvp in the near future lmao
Heck why don’t we just swordfight
Win 200 grails, 200 dews, a waifu’s princess’ hand, and smugness of the week I guess

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