Where the heck is Zelretch anyway?

I was just leveling my Scope when suddenly something hit me: we have been battling through alternate universes, and we are doing the same with the Lostbelts right now… So where is Mr. True magic user / consummate dimension hopper / guy who got the freaking Moon dropped on his head by a True Ancestor, only for him to casually no-sell it / all around dapper gentleman Kischur Zelretch Schweinorg during all of this?


Snickering at us for taking so long taking care of such minor inconveniences? Or maybe he just enjoys Rin struggles in this timeline too much :fgo_ishtarshook:


As expected from the troll himself :fgo_nagaothink:

Tho having him may lead to possible Tsukihime collab so no, said DW pls don’t kill me

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why do you think you can swap sex whenever you want?

Isn’t that our friendly neighborhood dick-wizard’s jurisdiction? :fgo_buster:

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no, you could do it before Merlin started doing active things (read: “got close enough to do that”)

Making more Magical Girls.

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On vacation. Do not disturb.

Also, did I hear “dapper”? :fgo_moriartysmile:


Holmes Killed him.

Not really no I have no idea.

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