Where the hell is my Enkidu Maid Sprite/Costume?

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He is on a fan made video using Maria Holic voice lines.

But tell if you could have him in game wouldn’t You???

I wouldn’t hate that but for costumes i have my priorities set.

We still don’t have any of the great Formal Dress costumes outside of Nero’s on JP. Such as these ones:

Or this one which Arcade got but we didn’t.


TBH I want all of them, now…

On one hand, maybe it’s nice that Boobica is out there representing the naturally buxom community.

On the other, I think the girl needs a bra, because that looks painful. Maybe Gil has a Victoria’s Secret Noble Phantasm in his Gate of Babylon she could use.


To each their own.

Her boobs are fine and naturally shaped, but damn does that look uncomfortable. Just trying to imagine if I were a woman and had that going on.

As a woman I can confirm that is very uncomfortable.


I Concur with @Kamiyoda . The bigger they are the worse it gets without proper support. Poor Boudica…


Being Saito Chiwa is Suffering…

D’eon maid skin still not available
Tamamo being sideline…
Summer Boudica when DW…
Summer Chloe when DW…

And where’s Tamamo in F/Extra reworkd PV?


I’m with you with maid d’eon and summer boudica


That Jeanne outfit is the best costume in Fate. Like… all of it. Probably.