Where to find exeggcute in the UK?

Anybody know where i can find exeggcute in the UK? Ive been stuck on catch 5 for a long time now, need serious help!

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I’ve answered this question a good few times in various places, this will be for the Meltan questline I’m guessing.

The short answer is, at the moment you can’t really find any. They used to be in rocket stops, but have been rotated out. They’re also not currently in tasks. So my advice is generally this:

If you want Meltan, simply sign up to Pokemon Home (it’s a pain, but free) and transfer some trash for Meltan box. You get tons of Meltan and candy, so it removes the need for finishing the research.

If the research is annoying you, all you can do is wait for them to come round. Chances are they’ll get another run in rocket stops, Alolan Egg is sometimes in raids and used to count as an Exeggcute (I think because it was technically a 1st stage evo). Whether Kanto gets a run in the Johto build up week, that might help.

Next season, 01st March, will be the spring themed one in the Northern Hemisphere, so again a possibility the Egg family will get a slot as a spawn there.

If it doesn’t get a run out before that, there’s always a very strong chance that, being egg related, it will be back around Easter.

So, in short, good luck, that research was a total bastard back in 2018, it’s even worse now that there’s another 5 generations on top to dig through.

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tl;dr wait for Easter or just sync with Pokemon Home and get the Meltan boxes that way (which is more efficient anyway).

Alolan Exeggutor would still work from raids if it comes out again like @Oaf mentions, it counts as an exeggcute in the same way a great throw counts as a nice throw.

But Easter is a good guess, if there’s any marginal egg related tie in they can make to a mon for Easter it’ll be everywhere.

Maybe I’ll finally get my XL Azumarill… zillions of Marills caught , not one good candidate…

My third account is also stuck with this task (after waiting patiently for Grimer before as well) This days there are only a hanfdul of pokemon available at any given time.

If you do not catch the pokemon within the event then a task can be there forever.

Another example are the rattata/magikarp medals, back in 2016 there was rattata & pidgey everywhere and the tasks were challenging but doable. Any player starting now has no real chance of completing this tasks.

You can try third party radars (illegal like any third party app) and maybe you will get lucky but I have not seen an eggscutor for 6 months now. My 3rd account has not registered it in the pokedex.

Niantic has heard you today. :+1: