Where to find welfare servants from past events along with mats?

How can I find welfare servants and mats from past events? I heard that in JP there is a way now but I can’t not find it anywhere

In NA you can’t. Welfare can only be otained during their event.
In JP a new system that allows you to obtain past welfare has been announced but not yet released.

JP also added Saber Lily to the FP gacha this year. So if you miss Saver Wars re-run this year, in two more years you’ll be able to get her anyway.

And I think we’re going to have more info on how to obtain past welfares when JP actually fits 19m downloads. They’ve teased something but I think details are unclear tho looks like you’ll need RPs for additional copies of the servant.

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Obtaining past welfare servants for events missed was exactly what I wrote in my survey. Glad that might come true one day XD

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Rare Prisms does seem like the obvious solution. RPs represent a significant cost, and therefore allow the purchased elements to retain their value as limited releases. After all, the game’s monetization strategy relies heavily on the concept of limited-time offers, so if they were to give the impression that you could always get a given reward later for minimal cost, they’d likely lose a good bit of money.

Except it’s monetizing what was fully intended to be free in the first place. The reason they’re implementing this is so that people who missed certain Servants either due to absence, or sickness or not having even started playing the game at the time of their initial run/re-run, except they had to pull an USO and tack on the RP requirment, which is especially a kick to the face for newer players because they’re being punished for something beyond their control

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I would argue they weren’t free, at least not exactly.

“Free” does imply everyone can get it for nothing. That is not true. For instance, Shiki is currently being given away for “free” IF you do the event, complete missions, etc… Just being a player and logging in every day doesn’t mean you get her - whereas something like the free FP summon every day requires nothing but to click on it.

The exchange ticket for DL campaigns is “free” in that everyone gets it. Not everyone playing during an event gets all the rewards.


Regardless of how one chooses to define “free,” the grind is something anyone could do. FGO itself is mostly grind, so it’s not like it’s a foreign concept to the game, welfare related or not. Plenty of guides out there have proved that if you have the time, anyone can do the work to obtain welfare Servants. You can’t grind RP.

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Taken to the extreme, anyone COULD have chosen to be playing at the time their original event launched

I don’t love the RP shop, and don’t think I’ve bought anything besides Mona Lisa from it (though there should be a mystic code coming soon that I don’t have) but DW has no obligation to provide servants after they’ve said “this is a limited time servant; complete their event to unlock”.


i legit love ppl who otherwise would never talk in a community coming out of the woodworks with the most minimal amt of information that they prbably heard from facebook or 1 min of lurking on youtube

come here and expect everyone to just fill them in on the rest of the information

like no
if you HEARD from someone, 75% chance that person has the source of this info and you should be asking that person instead
its faster and you have less chance of looking like a casual

this is some i heard this one anime i liked is getting a s2 , i heard it from my friend and decided to thus go to a forum on the internet to ask for information

like, what are you expecting,

source reddit
3 hrs ago

source fgo wikia about 8-10 hrs ago


Not exactly true because reruns will start rewarding RPs per extra copy of welfare servants (awarded automatically), starting this Xmas. You’ll also receive RPs for extra costume dress tickets, starting this summer.

i like how its only now when we “monetise” welfares that everyone starts bitching even tho
this was the obvious conclusion since day 1
given that they did that for trial quest and events are by extension literally just
trial quest for the SSR/SR in question
and we’ve been doing this for costume dress and one time welfare ces like the valentine or nerofest one
and no one bitched about those

suddenly when its welfare now, everyone starts bitching
even tho
someone starts on the anniversary, this yr for NA
summer 3
you can get a total of 11 rp if you completed the whole event
5 from welfare, 5 from costume and 1 from command code
halloween 4 is 6
christmas 4 which rerun never came but would give 8 rp

case files, give 6
guda guda 4 gives 7
summer 4 gives 12 or 13 i cant remember rp
christmas 5 would give 6 rp

even assuming dw starts being stingy af and cut corners everywhere
we will at the bare minimum in 1 yr
1 guda guda
1 collab title project

summer will average out to give 10 rp
guda guda and collab lets assume only give 5
20 rp in a yr

download campaigns also now start to occasionally give rp as well as new years and anniversary will do the same, lets assume 1 per milestone
and lets say only 2 dl campagin
4 rp

24 rp in 1 yr
the event re rerun is always free for the first week since that seems to be the plan
so no rp to unlock that
but if someone is still unlucky enough to be busy or is a dumb casual who still misses it
5 rp
8 rp for the emaining 4 np copies
13 rp

in about 1 yr
you can unlock 2 welfares

such whale
such kick in the balls
and if you’re gonna bring up they need to wait half a yr before they can even start getting it

main stories even now are still doable with the f2ps and with more and more SSR that are super strong early game clearers that either the player can roll for or use as support, it isnt an issue

cqs only come once every few weeks and you can always cs it

they would never need the welfare for gameplay purposes
its legit just for waifu purposes

the real kick in the balls would be complaining that you cant just wait half a yr for your waifu
to come to you
which is a kick in the balls to everyone who waited months or potentially even 2 yrs for their waifus

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It should be noted that, while it’s true that event rewards are “free” (I’d dispute that, as events still take a significant amount of time, incurring opportunity cost) the entire purpose of events is to keep players engaged with the game and logging in regularly. The devs want you playing, because that’s how they cultivate player investment, which makes players more likely to spend money on the game.

If they started offering event rewards after the event was over without incurring significant cost, players would be more likely to skip events, knowing that they will have the opportunity to acquire the reward later. This would be bad for player retention and engagement.

There’s also the fact that FOMO is a primary sales driver in gatcha games. In order for that to work, players need to trust that rewards labeled “limited-time” are actually that. Just look at all the hype Fujino has stirred up, recently. She’s not a particularly potent servant, compared to her peers, but because of her perceived rarity, lots of people are pulling for her. It would be interesting to see the community reaction if she suddenly got another rate-up in Japan after KnK Rerun ends…

I agree with @The_Wyandotte that as much as the welfare is free, the f2p players need to give something to obtain them which is time & effort. I can feel sympathy for other players that are either sick during the time or wasn’t aware the existence of this game. But what this game have already offer are a rerun, which is like a 2nd opportunity to get the welfare. If they just give away the welfare by just spending MP, what’s the whole point for everyone to participate and grind the event?

These welfare are kind of like little trophies by taking part of the event and if they do give away the welfare too easily the welfare loses its value. So I kind of agree if they bring it back, newer players need RP to buy them. There is lots of game don’t make past welfare available, once they’re gone, it’s gone.

You know, I’m getting very tired about every online game being about earning something. Maybe I’m old school (well I am as I’m over 60 now…) but games used to be ways to entertain yourself. Then games like MMOs came along and with persistent state and subscriptions, they started to use progression and grind as ways to keep the playerbase playing, but more importantly paying. Now it seems like everything is about working towards some progression, and doing this with extremely repetitive play. I guess even old games were repetitive, but you did them just to do them. Now I feel like it’s a second job half of the time.

It’s what’s burning me out, and I have a feeling I’m going to start skipping events without a welfare. I might even just stop on this one once I get all of Shiki’s copies and mats. I don’t think I’ve spent a gold or silver apple since maybe the summer, and largely skipped most of the lottos (just got what I could get with natural AP).

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I couldn’t disagree more. My welfares really form the backbone of my DPS options, and I couldn’t care less if tomorrow they just said, “login and get Shiki, Kintoki, Santa (all of them)”. Why should I care? It doesn’t affect me in the least. I don’t care that I put effort into getting them in the first place. There’s tons of online games where I’ve paid box prices at launch only to have them be given out free in a year before the next expansion. Again, doesn’t bother me in the least.


it’s not about whether you care or not, it’s just the way it is setup. Overall you are more than welcome to skip any welfare servant if you feel burn out by this game. But what is the point of playing this game if you just sit around log in and they give you something? No time spent no effort?

Because you don’t feel like grinding, then you decided to take for granted that they should just give you something? At least make an effort to walk or do something and don’t start complaining the welfare is gone because you didn’t make an effort

It is ok if you don’t care but please be reasonable about it

But this type of game design truly does make people constantly play. I’m on the same page as you, where I’d prefer developers work over a long time to release a single complete product, then do it again for the next game. I feel this yields higher quality games. But if I’m honest, I spend more time and money on their current model. It really does play into human nature.

Re-iterating what @The_Cheeseman said. I’d certainly skip events and be much more of an on/off player if old events were so easy to replay.

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I have to say, it does sound like it may be time for you to take a break. Once you start thinking of a game as tedium and treating progression as a chore, you are getting into the dangerous territory of compulsive play.

Ask yourself why you are playing FGO. Do you enjoy it? Is playing events fun for you? Do you look forward to the next one, and get excited about the content? Or do you login each day because you feel like you have to, or grind endlessly because you’re trying to reach some distant goal?

If you are playing for any reason other than enjoyment, you may have a problem. Games like these are designed to promote habituation, and people easily fall prey to the sunk cost fallacy, where they feel like they have to keep playing to justify the resources they’ve poured into the game.

Here’s the most important question: if the game ended next month, would you look back on the time you’ve spent playing recently with nostalgia or regret?

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The last time I took a break (a few months after having been playing for about 3 months), I missed out on Chloe, Kintoki, and Scathach as welfares. Luckily, I had 2nd chances for two of them, and while it’s a long wait, Chloe will be back one more time. You see, that’s the problem with games like this. Sure, the FOMO tries to keep people around, but once you decide to take a break, it works against it, in that when you look at what you’ve missed, there’s a pretty high likelihood that people won’t come back. And I think that’s probably what would happen this time. If I quit to the extent that I start missing out on welfares, that will probably be its swan song for me.

I like the gameplay, and that’s about it. I don’t like grinding in games, I don’t find fun in progression in itself, nor do I care about the collecting. If the game ended tomorrow, it would be like “eh, it was fun to play to an extent”. I’d be having a lot more fun if I could play less but just concentrate on challenge quests as I find the stategy building to be the best part of the game. But for a while, by the time the challenge quests roll around, I’m too burnt out on grinding to care about them.

My point is that you should be able to play a game anywhere from hours per day, to just hours per week, or maybe less. It’s a game after all, not a job. I’ve got other games I want to play as well (currently doing a fair amount of FF14 which luckily doesn’t have a lot of gotta play for X per day).

And I long ago decided that I would only spend on GSSRs because the value of rolling is nowhere near what it costs, for me that is. Obviously, lots of you spend lots on it, and that’s fine. And with FGO being once again the 2nd most grossing mobile game out there (according to Superdata) for Jan, it’s monetization model works well for it.

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