Where were your Pokémons Born?

A couple of posts in the community here made think about things I miss doing while trying to keep healthy at home during the pandemic. Traveling is one of the things I miss a lot.

But I wonder if anyone has caught or hatched a Pokémon from a different place than their home town. I suppose if Pokémons could talk and are real, I wonder what would be the story behind the catch or meeting you for the first time.

Thank you to the powers that be that this trip on a bloody cruise ship was over before the pandemic & I will make Raichu shock anyone if you anyone says otherwise.

Why does Niantic believe Mr. Mime is European. My Mr. Mimes are Japanese and Niantic needs to release the regionals.

Another regional poke(s) who are New Yorkers. mumble mumble wish the regionals were no more.!

A.Exeggutor…really??! I guess you really aren’t from Alola because It was freezing on the snow covered mountain.

Hopefully when you guys read this post, you guys will know a comment or two were meant to be funny. :thinking: :grin:

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My first Volbeat, caught while rumbling along on a Bangla bus.


As an Aussie, the hatch event was good to me.
Thanks to all the friends added from this very forum.

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These are eggs during my trip to Okinawa last Halloween.

Captured near the Statue of Liberty

Niagara Falls Articuno during Raid day

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Do you guys wish you could visit some of the places your eggs originated from? I do.

Mr-ex777 Is Niagara’s Falls pretty. Never been there. One day though…