Where would you rank?

I kinda wanted to think about something fun about defeating the grunts. Where would you rank?

1-10 Recruit
11-100 2nd Lieutenant
101-200 1st Lieutenant
201-300 Captain
301-400 Major (me)
401-500 Lieutenant Colonel
501-600 Colonel
601-700 Brigadier General
701-800 Major General
801-900 Lieutenant General
901-1000 Staff General
1000+ Command Major Sargent (where the Leaders are)
Prof. Willow only: Sargent Major of Army

These ranks are based off of the ranks in the US army.
I just wanted to think of something fun, while taking out the grunts :3

Why would you use ranks of the army?

Doing the grunts is all about you soloing… not working with others :wink: if you are doing grunts you do not need to rely on others.

So I would rather rank myself as a skilled laborer… skilled because it took some time to know what the grunts would be (and what the best counters would be), laborer because it took (and still takes) hard work to get the best Pokémon to counter the grunts.


Because we’re all on a team (Instinct, Valor or Mystic)

Yes, we are but being on a team almost means nothing, unless we are fighting for a gym then we can fight the “other” team. We do not need members of our team to do anything, higher level players of our team can not command us. You do not rely on your team if you are fighting the grunts (doesn’t make any difference what team you are), when fighting a raid boss you do not need other team members to take down the boss (being with the strongest team could give some extra balls, but being there with your best friends gives you more balls (even if they are on other teams)). When catching Pokémon your team doesn’t make any difference, and so on and so on.

So I still don’t see us as part of an armee comanding and bossing everybody on “(y)our” team… but as more experienced players who could give you friendly advice, as more skilled players who could show you how to and so on…


Im at 1800. You need higher rank for me…Command Major Sargent is not enough.