Where'd my rewards go?

I walked 45 KM last week, so I should’ve gotten some pokeballs, rare candies, etc. But, I didn’t. What Happened?

Oh wait, never mind. It just showed up.


That is always terrifying! The first time I hit 50 I did this :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:

Hey there, if you want to get the reward right away after the weekly period is renewed, all you have to do is enter your own profile and then back to the map, this works every time for me. Furthermore there is a good use for this, as sometimes I need to walk a bit more to make room for both the 5 and 10km eggs, -if I have the game already opened by the time of the rewards- I can keep walking until they hatch and the “claim reward” event will not trigger until I restart the app or go to my profile screen in game (note that the distance walked after the reset will be added to the ongoing week period and not to the previous one, this only works to make room for the eggs).

  • I’m not sure if the reward would trigger if I go some other in game screen, I can’t recall if this ever happened to me, normally when I need to use this “trick” I just keep walking without touching anything until the egg hatch :P