Where's the volume button?

It’s been forever since I’ve played with the volume on.

I guess I’ll try to spend some time in the new few days to listen through the voice files to see if it endears me to any operators I haven’t built yet.

From what I remember, Ifrit had my favourite voice lines and Beehunter had the best assistant line: ‘Sup Boss’

I’m curious what other people think about the voices though. Who are your favourites and which voice actors in general do you usually look out for?


Good discussion hahaha
This will bring out cultured people :ak_mostima:

For start, I’m looking for a good… not exaggerated,
not that long, has to be calm or cool type… supportive or expressive voice line,
doesn’t have to be an onee-san type,
bad ass type, and so on.

My main point would be their right dose of words that match their appearance and personality,
just need a slight dose of good sentences in a random situation, as natural as possible.

First love would be Zima for her :
Skill activated
Most notable her saying when we fail the map :feh_ardenwoke:
ooh… her disappointment strike in the kokoro.

Suzuran, SilverAsh
Really fit their character in the lore, some of long talking tho
But still… suitable.

Saria, Helladude, 12F,
Awesome dads

Cuora, THE Kroos, Durin, Haze
For their playfulness

Meteor, Savage
Casual, dependable Onee-san type,
Not bitchy, not exaggerated.

Ahh there are still a lot more, might update this later




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In terms of audio, I don’t understand Japanese so most of it blends together for me and idk who that was or what they were saying. So I do actually like distinctive ones like that. Here’s some more I remember:
Ifrit - BBQ
Ceobe - Dadadadada - I’ll bite you
Skyfire - Fire, blaze, inferno
Sora - Let’s make some noise!
Pingu - 3… 2… 1… go


Oh sweet, didn’t know you could find them online.

Rosa - Sigh - Relax Relax
Zima - What a pain in my arse
Shamare - Swing low~♪ Sweet chariot~♪ Be devoured by your dreams~♪
Beehunter - Sup, Boss


There are so many cute voices in the game.
Without understanding what they are saying :).

Top 3:
Nearl, Mayer, Ifrit, Frostleaf, Bagpipe, Beeswax, Wai fu, Swire, Ambriel, Lancet-2, THRM-EX, Silence, Fang, Plume.

Myrtle, Eija, Suzuran, Gummy, May, Mousse, Vigna, Shaw ,Kroos , Matoimaru, Myrrh, Beagle, Hibiscus, cardigan, Ptilopsys.

Number 1:
Sans titre 4

Ok , all this to say, i love most of actor’s voices in the game or there is none i dislike.