Where's the Walkthrough

So today starts All the Statesmen “The History of the American Frontier” Revival but I’ve noticed that neither gamepress or fandom have listed the walkthrough are we suppose to dig through the archives to find the walkthroughs and stuff since we didn’t have to for the recent SE.RA.PH.

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There’s not much to the Statesmen thing. It’s a super-light event that even a brand-new account can manage. No farming or anything.

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Too spoiled till you cant progress the game without walkthrough huh :fgo_gudako:


fandom absolutely has the quests layout =S

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Yes, because it’s there lol

This is the question? Are you kidding me lol :fgo_hassanmad:


It’s not even in the archive. I literally posted a link to exactly where it is on the 5th anni event page…