Which 3H character are you? (Quiz)

I’m so confused. Diligent hard worker. Where the hell in the 7 hells did this quiz think I work hard? I literally told it that I’d let someone else take the lead and tell me what to do, and it still tells me I’m a diligent worker. Is it the ■■■■■■■ griffindor question? Cause I don’t care about Harry Potter enough to realize what they’re supposed to mean XD

Let’s see what’ll happen if I take it again, but let meme Shinx answer

Yknow what, I’ll just accept it and be done with it.

I suppose at the end it says the same thing my parents keep repeating. “You’re smarter than you think”. So, Yeah. I suppose this damn quiz ended with my mom and dad coming outta nowhere to remind me XD

I can actually relate to this a lot. Everyone tries to say they are my best friend and they are always praising me for one reason or another. I guess I goof off every now and then but wow.


Didn’t know about the HP thing so I got Bernie first but saw which each means and got Dedue instead which is what I would say fits me more.

Yooo I used to post personality quizzes on this site too. What a throwback.



You’re Manuela bitch

This is so weird. Cause I do work hard on my class related stuff, but I’m not the most adept or focused. I highly doubt I’m admired by many since I’m rather serious, but I’m not a total introvert since, when I’m out on campus, I do initiate conversations with my classmates.

Then there’s the social life aspect and I don’t go out as much as this dictates, I just chat it up with close friends.

And I highly doubt the best friends bit.

Lord almighty this quiz has left me rather flabbergasted.

It’s true don’t deny it


This is blessed what do you mean


Kinda, but still :sob:

  • Averdi = Lorenz
  • Averdi is idrevA

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Averdi being Lorenz is the most accurate one


lmaooo I got Felix, I’m not surprised


Yo, what, I got best girl? Hell yeah


This is why we’re married


I is being your other waifu :petrawink:

Back off


Does this validate me in your eyes at last?

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