Which 4 star servant should I pick?

Casual player here. Wondering which 4 star would compliment my units. I was going to get tamomoe cat because I don’t have a reliable beserker yet.

If your choosing a berserker go get Fran instead. Tamacat needs to be np3-np4 to match Fran at np1.

Also pls np2 nobu and Np4santa alter. It’s better than leaving them at np1

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As the previous responder said, for the love of God, please upgrade your welfare servants. There is no reason to ever have several of the same copy when your first has not been maxed out. You say you’re a casual player so I’m assuming you couldn’t put in the effort to unlock every copy, and that’s fine! NP4 and NP2 are still very strong!

Now, for the question, I’d disagree with the previous responder. Neither Fran nor Tamamo are good choices. AOE berserkers are notoriously weak and not worth the investment, unless you can loop their NPS, but let’s just forget that for a moment. As standalone servants, your choices are between Heracles and Ibaraki Douji. The latter is support dependent, cannot solo and not casual friendly. The former will benefit you so enormously, you will be able to solo the most difficult challenge quests you otherwise would not have been able to complete. As a casual player looking to get a berserker, Heracles is hands down the best option available to you. Use him a lot and you will get his bond CE.


AOE berserkers are notoriously weak and not worth the investment, unless you can loop their NPS, but let’s just forget that for a moment.

I have no words…Just no. Good luck farming in high hp mixed nodes - IE events and ascension mat farming. I’ll sit here and collect 150 plus boxes every lotto and clearing every event shop 3 turning every node, with a collection of weak aoe & not worth the investment berserkers.

Yet you’ll recommend a servant that needs a bond 10 ce to solo occasionally to a casual player who struggles to farm enough to np5 welfares. Ok then

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Fran can hit over 50k damage per enemy in mixed nodes with just her own NP steroid. More with a good support, and utterly absurd numbers with further NP levels if she spooks.

Tamamo, I agree with. She needs NP3 or so to be as good as Fran.

Always hilarious to have an attitude and be wrong at the same time.

Fran’s AOE NP is incredibly weak as opposed to an AOE of a full class advantage servant. There’s also a demerit associated with using her, so farming is not ideal unless you know how to bypass that, which requires planning a casual player might not want to do or can’t do, given his lineup.

What makes you think he struggles to get the copies? There is no challenge quest involved. Casual players simply don’t put in the time.

He’s obviously not the type to farm 150 boxes, look at his servants. How is he going to 3 turn farm with that?

Advise is tailored to the person receiving it. Not everyone needs the same thing. Fran will almost certainly not benefit him. Heracles is a great addition to his lineup which will allow him to get through content, collect resources for better servants and have plenty of fun doing it. For new players, he’s a staple recommendation.

He has no complimentary support. Fran will not unleash her NP, and certainly not reliably. What he needs is an easy to use, reliable berserker that’s noob friendly. Heracles.

Always hilarious to have an attitude when you don’t acknowledge MIXED CLASS NODES. How are you going to class advantage archer/saber nodes. How are you going to class advantage assasin/caster nodes? You know the stuff that happens ALL the time in events. You’re going to sit there and ST them to death with herc?

What makes you think he struggles to get the copies? There is no challenge quest involved. Casual players simply don’t put in the time.

TIme - efficient farming is a thing. If you don’t have the time doing it as efficiently as possible is the solution. Sitting there and facecarding things to death isn’t efficient for time

He has no complimentary support.

What is a support waver? Because they are certainly hard to find on support lists. … What is a dragon’s meridian ce before you start talking about ce’s

You’ll sit there and talk about tough content but really how much tough content is there? If you beat Gawain in Camelot, you’ll get a cq maybe every 2 months worth thinking about . Maybe take some of your own advice or advise tailor it to the person receiving it

Apart from this argument on the usefulness of farming berserkers, if you want a reliable berserker that will help you clear difficult content I’d suggest Berserker of El Dorado or Ibaraki-Douji instead of Tanamo cat. They’re both really strong Single-Target damage dealers and can hit harder than Heracles.

Another good pick would be berserker lancelot, he can get the job done when it comes to farming and has a nice Critical niche for single target damage that only one other Berserker in the game can compete with.

Of course Tanamo cat wouldn’t necessarily be a bad pick. She’s the worst out of the 4* farming berserkers but she has good enough damage to clear most standard nodes. She’s adorable too so of course that alone is a good enough reason to pick her.

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You sound incredibly angry. We’re in the same team here! Playing the same game, investing our time into trying to help somebody out.

An NP1 Fran will not get him through farming trouble by herself anyhow. He’s far from being able to farm efficiently.

What he needs is a reliable all around berserker servant tailored to a new player, as he mentioned. That’s textbook Heracles.

But since we’re discussing platonic, abstract theory on ideal farming, Fran’s AOE NP is not ideal for farming mixed nodes. She needs a kaleidoscope (he doesn’t have) or a waver to get started and gets stunned after using her steroid. That’s an investment of two servants for one wave of enemies. A better investment would have been to field a raikou support to begin with, no?

How do you imagine his lineup might make farming work?

You do realise she’s used for final wave - ie the highest hp enemies. you don’t waste such a powerful np on trash in wave 1 or 2. Stun doesn’t matter if the wave is dead and the battle is over.

RE Raikou: Except Fran outhits Raikou on non servant enemies. But wait aren’t all

AOE berserkers are notoriously weak and not worth the investment

But she’s weak anyway according to you. This statement is why I’m calling BS.

It just doesn’t sound like you’re trying to have a civil discussion. You’re still in the rebellious teenager phase and I can’t bother to help you get out of it. I was obviously referring to SRs, and NP1 SRs at that.

How do you 3 turn with Fran like that? How does she even survive for 3 waves with no survivability? That’s inconsistent farming and requires active participation, nor what you call efficient.

If you’re using Fran on the highest HP enemies you’re doing it wrong. That plainly does not work. She won’t do enough damage to neutralize them in one turn if they have over 100k HP. It’s more efficient to have 2 servants with class type advantage for the 3rd wave, a weak aoe for 2nd wave and take two or so turns charging NPs in the 1st wave. That’s 5 turns give or take, on average. This is taking into account that all the servants he has invested in have single target NP, Jeanne, Jack, etc, so that’s more likely to work than what you haven’t proposed, since I still don’t see any concrete advise aside from your attitude which needs dealing with.

You guys know it’s just a phone game, right?

No need to get worked up over it.


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In all seriousness, I disagree with Heracles being a good beginning berserker. He has passable survival, but having no reasonable way to charge NP aside from taking damage and his mythical arts card, it’s unlikely he’ll actually get to use it without a starting CE. Plus his skills aren’t that amazing. He’s actually pretty mediocre until he gets his bond CE.

Ibaraki has good hit counts on her quick cards (and the 2 hits on arts is meh) with 2 defensive skills to keep her alive. Plus good steroids that last 3 turns. The buff clear and defense down on her NP is also fantastic utility.

Penth has 2 team attack buffs (one is buster), self debuff immunity, and a pretty solid battery skill - which most berserkers lack in general.

Both of them are easily better for beginners because they’re not as selfish as Herc is, and they’re both stronger to boot.


Cool it. You can disagree on your opinions but when your arguments devolve into insults and profanity, that’s a sign that it’s time to move on.


Ibarakis skills and NP offer more utility in a team inclusive of support for difficult challenge quests. Heracles functions as a last stand, or solo, which is what negates his poor NP gain. Atlas, bond CE, guts skill and evade can easily grant 8 turns of uninterrupted damage! A simple YouTube guide makes it replicable for masters without the necessary lineups to clear quests that net them the rewards they need to expand their roster!

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The problem with relying on Heracle’s Bond CE is the huge amount of time and effort it takes to get it. By the time you get his Bond CE, you should already have a decent enough support roster that you’ll rarely be in a situation where you need to use Heracles as your last resort. And if you are in a situation where you need a last stand servant, there’s always a support Heracles of Cu Alter.

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This is where the problem lies. You were pointing out how new the OP was. A bond CE for a newer player shouldn’t even be on the list of future goals. It takes and extremely long time, or an unholy amount of farming to get that. In the sense of beginners, Herc is outright worse than his competitors because he only has 2 skills for staying alive. One of them is a panic button, the other is just buying yourself an extra turn when you’d normally take fatal damage. Heracles is ONLY good for “beginners” as a support servant with the bond CE.

Meanwhile, Ibaraki can pair with Mash and survive even longer due to more consistent defense buffs, as well as a reasonable level of healing. Plus she’s got more damage and an enemy buff clear to help the rest of the team.

In short, Heracles is a poor beginner berserker because his bond CE takes far too long to get, and is the only reason he’d be considered good for newer players. By the time he’s bond 10, the player most likely doesn’t need that “last man standing” anymore.

Other berserkers are friendlier to newbies because of their ability to help the party or defend themselves in some way, while Heracles is entirely selfish and lacks a consistent defense or durability.

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First upgrade your welfare servants np’s for the love of god.
Second if you’re looking for a reliable berserker don’t go for tamamo cat she’s honestly one of the worst 4* zerkers, go for Ibaraki or Penth.

Penth is able to dumpster alot of damage especially when paired merlin but lacks any kind of survivability.
Ibaraki isn’t quite able to hit the numbers Penth can but will still hit respectable numbers and has some really great survival tools to compensate

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