Which 5* exclusive should I merge

Probably not going to happen, but it’s fun to imagine.

On a side note, if I’m a bit absent recently it’s because my energy is a bit low.


Mist :feh_corrinmug:


Any specific criteria?

Try M!Grima

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A dragon.

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I kinda want to see some Sigurd stuff
Haven’t seen much of him, and he’s coming up in the weekly banners.

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Summer Leo?
Give these men some love

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Whichever one you get 11 copies of and don’t want to fodder off for other skills.


Quans not a unit I see too many +10s of, and seems like he be fun to use, or Exalt Chrom

Fully merge a seasonal unit and send them to your friends for Rival Domains/GC and make them think you’re a whale.


This is just evil. Pure evil. I like it.

What color(s) are you interested in, @Seeker? Cuz I got a bunch of 5*s I would love to merge up

Don’t worry about being absent. Get some rest.

As for a merge project for a 5*…
I started my so far only try at that after a streak of good luck. My Sigurd was already +5 when I decided to buckle down and focus on him. So maybe you have some units you got lucky with?

But how about you make use of the higher pull rate on the weekly banners and pick one that’s already twice on there?
Brave Ike, Tana, Innes and Nephenee all are quite interesting units on there you could use.

Summer Leo :ok_hand: It’d be great^^



+Def Summer Leo :ok_hand: its a superboon

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I’m just saving for him right now, hope I don’t get a bad boon then !

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You got this! Just wait until Def/Res Bond becomes a seal :wink:
Pair him with an ally with Infantry Flash :ok_hand:

Or use Def/Res Link and Joint Hone Spd in the C for more magical bulk

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If only his tome was better, I like using their base weapon…
Thanks for the idea, I’ll try it out when (if) I get him ! I’ll go with the Spd/Def Link 3 because I don’t have the fodder for Def/Res x)

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Yeah, of course! I came up with this idea when I was trying to make CC B!Caeda work

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