Which 5 star weapon should I choose?

I am more and less a new player here, I started playing when the fire emblem banner started and in my first pull I got all of them, and from there I sporadically played the game until the gala banner appeared and spent all of my crystals and got Mym and a lot of dragons. I came back in the anniversary and began summoning and stuff and got Gala Cleo - Ranzal, the new mage Cassandra and two dragon sirens, agni and I don´t remember the names of the others right now.

With the rewards, changes of QoL in the grinding, and the overall improved enjoyment I am getting with the game now I managed to level up Mym to 80 and unlocked all of her circles, Fjorm is almost full-circle unlocked (need water currency), and the Gala units I have, Veronica, Hildergarde, Vanessa, Eleanora, beach Julietta and Maribelle all 80, promoted as well but only 30 circle unlocked. Right now I will start leveling a Curran and Albert I got during the free summoning.

With all the info above, what weapon do you recommend? As I said, I barely played until now and my castle is going to be power 200 to make it level 6 and I don’t have unlocked smith 6 or above. I am in chapter 8.

My favorite characters from best to just- like-to play-with are:

  • Mym with Agni level 40, Resounding Rendition and Jewels of the sun fully unbinded and near max level, and a 3 star fire spear I got in a past event.
  • Fjorm with the singer siren 40 (not sure if I should unbind her to 50 or wait until I get more copies), the above wyrmprints, and the 3 star spear of water from this event, something about a catch up campaign.
  • And Gala Ranzal, with a bird Zephyr, I don’t remember what wyrmprints he has right now, and a level 80 axe I got as a prize event.

Any extra tip you can give me will be appreciated. Long live the Emperor of Roses! :fgo_umu:

Glad you’re enjoying the game! I’ve heard lots of longtime players recommend getting a 5* weapon that takes granite/meteorite to craft (swords, blades, axes) because there is only one elemental ruins (wind) that drops those.

That said, if you’re still relatively new I would get a weapon you can use right away for a unit you like to play. Of the three units you listed, I would say getting a 5* fire lance for Mym would probably be best. Unlike the water lance and the wind sword, the fire lance comes with an attack skill. The water lance has a healing skill, which can be very useful for harder fire content (including high Brunhilda). The wind sword just provides a defense buff. It’s good for raw stats, but is less impressive than the other two options.

Crafting additional 5* weapons does take a while, but if you keep playing you should have no problem getting there eventually!

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Gala Ranzal is a sword unit, not an axe. Story Ranzal uses an axe. If it is Gala Ranzal, the 5* sword does synergize nicely despite having a defense buff as Granzal is a great Doublebuff carrier.
Fjorm’s spear isn’t used for her big meme of 4x-ing High Brun, so I’d say the fire spear, since it’s also a very good weapon.
Honestly though I would somewhat prioritize a sword, blade, or axe since they all use the same materials, but I’d want to see all of your adventurers regardless.

This is what I have, at least, the ones I am leveling so far.

You are right about the 5+ weapons taking a while. The timers to improve the buildings really shots through the roof once they go past level 10. The fruit tree takes 18 hours to upgrade for my current level.

I’m considering the lance, specially because Mym is a really cool character, despite of her only annoying trait of being too clingy for my tastes story-wise.

Do you already have the dark wand made? You have three 5* dark wands, including the strongest character in the game.
Staves you just make the void weapon; folkvangr is fine as a stopgap or void weapon; the fire sword, light and fire spears, water axe, and light sword are all good weapons.

I don’t even know what dark wand are you talking about :fgo_shock:

As I said, I started playing again last week and it seems I really lost a fair share of events. And which dark wand user are you talking about is the strongest? If you tell me who she is, and which weapon to pick for her I will consider her as well besides Mym, whom I like, and I hope is Cleo that dark user because she is also a favorite with Ranzal storywise but I have never used ranged users before, I only put them on the team as my supports a la Dragon Age origins.

Gala Cleo is the strongest character in the game. You won’t regret making the 5* dark wand, though you will probably be fine with nidhogg’s dark wand once they put that in the game.
Give your waifu her weapon, then Gleo.

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personally i’d say fire lance for mym then water lance for fjorm - that’s the first 2 high dragons easily farmable. maybe even look at the appropriate bane void weapon (fire void lance suits mym perfectly but 5* also great, water isn’t perfect in either but there’s nothing better)

you have some great heroes (mym, fjorm, gleo, hild/annlie,granzal are all top of the tree and great for their high dragons), get the 5*'s up to lv.80/40circles with at least 2ub wyrmprints and there won’t be much you can’t do.