Which 6 should be my team?


Im kind of stuck with who to choose and to combine… can somebody help me out with what the best team would be? I think i have some pretty cool characters but idk which 6 should make the cut

Here are all characters

Hi there Evo-Vegeta. Since you are a new player you don’t know about synergy. Synergy is Z Ability. For eg : your Ssj Goku (red) buffs Saiyan strike attack (check his card) and your Pikkon buffs (yellow and Sagas from the movies) etc, etc. Now, the thing is, if you assemble the team which buffs each other, it will be beneficial for you in PvP.

Watch this video, you will understand the concept of synergy now.
Now, keeping the synergy in mind, what it the best team for you right now, let me answer it-


Core -

  1. Revival Perfect Cell (red)
  2. Android 21 Evil (pur)
  3. Imperfect Cell (grn)

Bench -

  1. Android 13 (Blu) (Can be used in core)
  2. Ex Imperfect Cell (yel)
  3. Ex Android 18 (pur)

This is the only solid team you can make right now. Hope this helps.

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Hey thanks for the quick and helpful response!

How about leveling up? All of them to max level or just the core 3? Im about to hit bed ill watch the video tomorrow when my brains function normally.

Too bad i have a shitty saiyan team, i liked using pikkon goku ssj and ssj vegeta (broly movie) hahah…

For leveling up, do the 3 core units first. Afterwards do Android 13 (Blu) (he is a bench unit which can be used in core). No need to level up the other two bench units. But it looks cool if you have everyone maxed out.

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Okay cool ! How about any other teams? I just pulled ssgod goku now!

That is Goku is really old to be honest. He debuted on the First New Year (Jan 2019). He is a good Bench option for God Ki. You can use him in your Saiyan team but, he is kinda aged like a mentioned earlier and you don’t have any other better Saiyan options. You are missing good God Ki options as well. I know it may sound rude, but the only good team for you right now is ‘Androids’. I know they aren’t as hype characters as Saiyans but if you want to win in PvP, use this. If you pull anything in the Majin Vegeta Banner, you can ask me, I will help. You can also use the Gampress Sparking Tier List as a guide.

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I pulled ss trunks (heat dome) from that banner and i now also have android 14, worth any changes?

That Heat Done Trunks is pretty good but you don’t have any other great Hybrid/Vegeta Fam/Future ‘yet’. Remember that you will eventually have a great roster in the days to come so don’t get demoralized. You can use that Trunks after you pull a few more characters of the above mentioned tags. Switch your Ex Android 18 with that Android 14 you just pulled, in the bench.

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I switched 14 with 18 but he makes it a total of 699 ability bonus and 18 makez it 886… so 14 is worse or not?
Sorry for all the questions!

Android 14 gives 21% strike and blast attack while 18 just buffs blast attack. 14 is clearly better. Don’t pay too much attention at the ability bonus and power level bonuses. I just use which one is better and in this case 14 is better.

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how about ex red android 13? He buffs cell with the color i think??

plus another hybrid saiyan, so i got now 4 hybrids

Last question, i just pulled super baby 2 and super buu from the banner, what can i do with them?..

Ssj Gohan (grn) isn’t a really good option. Regarding using Ex 13, he will buff only cell, but Android 14 will buff the entire team. So he is better. You now make a Regen team.
Core -
Super Baby 2 (Blu)
Android 21 (pur)
Perfect revival cell (red)
Bench (I am a bit busy so check out the Gamepress team building guide)

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I dont understand the guide that well… could you reply when you got time?

For now ill bench the old 3 benchers (13,cell, 14)

I went with this

Great. Keep up the grind.

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is this a good hybrid team? Any suggestions?

Goten (yel) And heat dome Trunks are good. Rest aren’t really good but you can run Legends Road Gohan (grn) in pvp. Grind up his stars (he is free to play).