Which A skill for Walhart? (Poll)

So I intend to merge Walhart and Yen’fay. I have a better idea of what to do with the latter. Since Walhart has a Flash effect, I’m having trouble deciding the A skill and base of the build.

Should I try to invest in Spd and focus on PP with Atk/Spd Solo? Atk/Def Solo so that he has better baiting bruiser potential? Try something with Heavy Blade 4? The B skill is going to be an Atk/Spd/Def Lull depending on strategy. I have no Traces really available.

Thank you.

  • Atk/Spd Solo
  • Atk/Def Solo
  • Heavy Blade 4
  • Other (please comment)

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Walhart need to have as much spd as possible, so atk/spd solo is nice. But since atk/spd solo as S slot, mine got HB 4 A slot and atk/spd solo S slot for making maximum dmg and spd. Galeforce is kinda broke now the ennemy can’t counter (unless QP or L!Hector) but a 3 charge special will be ready (unless guard) on his 2nd hit, and bonfire will hit LIKE A GOD DAMN TRUCK.

atk/def solo isn’t necessary because at +10/+15, counting the -7 and -5 atk, he got 46+7+5+4+6 = 68 def, add a lull atk/spd and you’re at 71+…
Atk/res would be better if you plan to stick to his bulk.

Edit : for information thoses are Walhart stats at +10/+15

(And a little bit of flaunting but not much! I need to swap galeforce but honestly even before his refine He didn’t need damaging special unless vs sky-high def red/green, need to give him flow refresh if I got it for bypassing double deny)


Atk/Spd Catch 4… gotta get that ez extra +9 Atk/Spd


The only fodder I got of that went to Gunnthrá with her refine/remix, so sadly out of the question.

Just summon another copy for it
Just throwing out idea’s

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