Which Armorkiller?

Hana’s refine has made me want to build her up, she was fun to use in fates, and I have a null follow-up I feel like should be getting used… I looked at other armor prf units and Oboro’s the only other infantry besides Neph, but she’s 5* locked. Analyses on both? Hana got the Atk/Spd but sucks on the defensive. Oboro is much better at tanking but less aggressive. Any recommendations from those that have one or both built? Oboro’s Heroes art kind of hurts me though.

Oboro can tank both physical and magic hits (so dragons) pretty effectively.

Hana is hyper offensive that can deal quite a bit of damage thanks to the +4 during combat buff she gets (as well as speed, even if she didn’t need it in my opinion).

My vote goes to Oboro.

Theirs only one clear answer too this question… go with the Thot slayer her self Oboro, she is an absolute beast in EP and can tank even some of the strongest Green Armored units (tho Surtr is still a no go just because it’s Surtr), I’ve seen Hector’s and B.Ephraim do 0 damage at times… tho I’m still waiting for a +Res, Warding Stance 4 to come out, and or Warding Breath fodder

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We all know this is the clear choice. Honestly though it depends what you need. Oboro is a great enemy phase armor slayer and Hana is hyper offensive. Both do their job well. My Hana has 1 shot +10 L! Tikis/B! Hectors. And I’m sure Oboro has slain Surtrs.


Out of context, Hana, because lots of armours are green and not as many are red.

Gonna have to go with Seeker here. Oboro is a better wall but Hana can take on the like of common threats like Surtr and 3 out of 4 of the Hectors. Really up to your play style and team comp in a scenario like this.

And she hits really hard, so especially in desperation I think she has a good shot at killing blue Hector and non-wary Gwendolyn

Just ran it through the matchup simultator to confirm your theory. If Hana is in Desperation range, I couldn’t find an armor in the game she couldn’t kill. Tried SS2, Fury 3, Moonbow, Luna, and Draconic Aura, all of those combinations work so long as she has Desperation. She can indeed kill B!Hector, but it wasn’t loading the result for Gwendolyn if I gave her Wary Fighter for some reason.

I think Flashing Blade would be the ideal seal for a Desperation, pref weapon Hana too, regardless whether you take Fury 3 or SS2.

This was all calculated on an unmerged Hana too btw. Loads of potential on her.

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And I’ve witnessed it :weary:
She shreds through my Gweny.

Excuse my lurking. That is good to know about Hana for sure. I’ve spend too much time today and yesterday looking at anti armors.

Yeah judging by the matchup simulator, Hana is an absolute armor killing machine (especially on player phase). :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks for contributing all. :) I’m going with Hana for now, I might get Oboro up eventually but Hana first. Only question now is should I give her Null Follow-up or is Desp fine?

Desperation is better IMO. I had Null Fullow-Up on her when I ran her with a Firesweep. I still do like it cause it helps with Wary Fighters but she can OHKO Surtr who always runs it and can easily still take out Gwen/Effie if they run it.

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Agreed with Kynore. Judging from the simulators, Desperation seems to be very OP on her.

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