Which banner do I pull on?

So I’m new to the game (i.e, 2 weeks old account) and so I was wondering: which summon banner should I pull on? I just grinded to 1,000 Chrono crystals, but I’m wondering which banner. I have already pulled several decent characters, including SSB Vegito, and on part 5 of story, (Rampaging Warrior Kale) and I’m really just questioning about this. Thank you!

You should probably save for future banners like black friday and christmas. Just gotta stay put for a few days, coz really the story is not that difficult if you have a 1000+ ability bonus. And hopefully black friday brings good drops :slight_smile:.

Btw whats your team pls tell me.

Blue: SSB Vegito
Red: Super Janemba
Yellow: Champa
Purple: SSG Goku
Green: Vados
Spare Blue: SSB Goku (Z4)

Oh also how much CC do I have to grind to? I’m still at about 1,000 btw.

Save as much as possible. UI Goku and Jiren got leaked. It could be them for Black Friday. I wish you luck.

One tip about your team if you don’t mind. Remove red Janemba from your God Ki team. Put a God Ki Buffer (check Gamepress team building guide. There, check bench options for God Ki).

Bench units buff up the Core units and thus make them stronger. You can manually find a good bench by looking at characters’ Z abilities. Some may buff Strike attack, some may blast defense, others may health and so on.

Ok I’m at 4K CC

Oh also what’s the best way for me to grind cc? I just finished story (Up to part 8) And should I start hard mode?
I’m also hearing SSG Shallot is really good, so I put him on my team.

Definitely. Remove Janemba and put Shallot. Easy Peasy. You got a really good God Ki team ready for PvP. If UI Goku shows up for Black Friday and you pull him, you can add him too (since he is God Ki too). One tip for using shallot in PvP.

Shallot needs to transform. It takes 10 secs in a round before he can use his main ability (transform). Before transforming, he is really fragile and trash. What I mean is use someone else for first 10 seconds of match, transform shallot and go ahead.

Also, the Ssg Goku (purple) is pretty outdated. Don’t remove him from you team, but I advise you to not run him in your Core (main three characters that fight in a match).

Hope this helps

For Chrono Crystals, there are alot of ways -

  1. Ultra space time rush (no energy needed, 5 stages, 500 cc)
  2. PvP (reach battle rank 50, you get some cc. If you aim for top 10k, you get 1000 cc)
  3. Story (Hard mode after completing normal)
  4. Events (Nappa, Vegeta and Raditz’s events give more than 3k cc together)
  5. The new ‘Eliminate the Earthlings’ Event (more than 1k cc)
  6. Soul boosting units (do with souls, not cc)
  7. The new ‘Crush Metal Cooler’ Event (1k cc for 50 battles)

One tip for you. Play Co Op atleast little daily (maximum thrice, not more). You get 300 coins that way. Save them and in 4 days, you get 1200 coins. You can buy ‘Multi Z Power 100 (4* or higher)’. With this, you can increase your unit’s Z power (stars). Keep grinding and in a month, you can get a Character from 7* to 8* (this is just and example).

Ok so I spent about 3k cc on Zenkai SSG goku so I have about 200 left
But I also finished story, so I think Hard mode is better for me.
I think I can pull in 1.5 - 2k per day until the banner appears, so Ill have like 6k. Is that good?

Also is the Black Friday a step up or a regular 100/1000 banner

Oh and here’s my other problem i guess
If i throw together the suggested god ki team, I’m missing a good red and purple. So basically here’s my idea

SSB Goku
SSG Shallot

SSB Vegito
SSG Goku

Will this cut it?

Look, you shouldn’t have spent your cc on Ssb Goku, but we can’t change the past so let’s move one. Black Friday Banner will obviously be a Step up. Grind as much as possible.

If your Ssb Vegito is not at 3* then he won’t buff God Ki. So it’s better to not keep him in your team.

Very important note : Soul Boost your Zenkai Ssb Goku. You will unlock his Unique ability 3 and 4 that way. If you are low on Zenkai souls (since you are a new player), do only the 3rd and 6th panels and unlock the ability.

Now, make this team -

Core -

  1. Zenkai Ssb Goku (Blu)
  2. Ssg Shallot (lgt)
  3. Vados (grn)

Bench -

  1. Champa (yel) (can be used in core to fight pur)
  2. Ssg Goku (pur)
  3. Someone who buffs God Ki (3* VB, Fusion Zamasu, Rose Goku Black, Ssg Goku red or anyone)

If you lack a God Ki Buffer, put a Saiyan buffer in there. (There are alot of Saiyan buffers, so it will be pretty easy.)

And don’t worry about not having a good red. Shallot can handle any color and a full color wheel is not really needed, especially if you don’t have a red of that Tag.

UI Goku is God Ki. His step up will therefore, contain God Ki units aswell. So, you can get God Ki units from that banner. Just wait two days.

Thank you.