Which banner to pull Skadi

Was wondering which singularity combination would be good to pull skadi from.

I saw in the summon simulator that it’s going to be all main singularity plus the one with Sherlock.

If you just want Skadi, then pull only when she’s on solo rate-up at the start. Otherwise, you’re only reducing your chances of pulling her with other rate-up SSRs.


Just want Skadi? Solo.
Want Skadi and Sherlock equally? Shared Skadi/Sherlock banner.
Want a specific Singularity-based SSR (e.g. Ozy, Altera), exactly as much as Skadi? Roll on that one, e.g. Mordred = Skadi, roll London.

If you want Skadi more than the other SSR(s), go solo. If you want the other SSR(s) more than Skadi, wait for their solo banners.