Which Blade?

I have a V!Ike and most builds use a barrier blade for him. But, I also have a Safeguard on a Lene I have. Usually I have absolutely no use for her. Which Blade is better?

If He’s Getting Buffed In Res,Go Barrier Blade For Making Him A Nice Mixed Tank

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I argee with @Gogh

You have him at +res, so bringing it up further is nice for a DC build.

There are a lot of other units who want a rare sword like Safeguard. So going for the cheaper option is nice.

I just came here to say Blazing Blade

But also because your Ike has no Res go with the barrier blade

I also say barrier blade.
And why did you give him the QR seal? He has a ridiculously high Spd stat already. He doesn’t really need it.

I say try with heart’s blade with a res refine and spd/res bond or distant def. With spd/res bond and a res tactic buff he hit 40 res so that’s pretty good. Plus he keeps the nice little bonus of atk/spd/def.

I like default and Wao the best. Wao gives more Aether damage and default i the cheapest and increases his speed by the most

Oh and take off that seal holy crap. If his default go with a bond seal slot, if you go wao or something else its still not a bad idea. Just dont keep QR3 on him