Which Blaze's skill to use?

If I’ll get Blaze, I can grade one of her skills to M3. But which one…
I like her S2 and with my Ptilopsis it’s SP cost is not a problem. But what about S3? Will it be stronger than S2?
So, how do you think, which skill you will use and mastery first?

IMO, I think her S2 will have more general usage in most stages. Her S3 seems more geared to boss killing with that huge burst damage. So I guess if you plan on using her in majority of team comps then go with S2.

I’m not even considering the idea of getting her, since it’s frankly impossible.

But for you, i’ll say Skill 3

Seems like a good Tanky skill. Time it right and it shine even more.

Skill 2 is good but for the lazy ones. Good buffs, auto trigger. You do nothing, Blaze activate it while you drink your coffee

S2 for me. Permanent buff +increase range make her looks broken.

S2 is the skill that makes her one of the best operators, 100% atk and 35% def infinite buff is really good and the extra range allows her to cover lanes past a wall and its average DPS is really high (1706 damage per hit). S3 can be great on some situations but S2 damage is enough to wipe bosses along with mobs.

S2 is geared more towards general use because of its infinite duration.

S3 is for massive burst damage, good for taking out either a group of high HP enemies trying to overwhelm you, or a boss that you want to kill ASAP.

But I’d personally go with S2. Even without that extra burst at the end, the ATK buff is still strong, the extended range is great for hitting ranged enemies sooner than she normally would, and still does great for boss killing.

Not having to time its activation is also a small bonus imo.

Blaze’s skill 2 makes her kinda like an “deploy and forget” operator, while her skill 3 makes her a nuker.
My personal opinion, skill 2 remains your first priority when leveling her skills. Skill 3 is not a “must”, but “better than nothing”.
•According to the official data that Hypergryph has published on CN anniversary, Blaze’s 2nd skill is mostly used in CC events. Thought this might be helpful, and might be a factor to be taken into consideration.