Which boon for Deirdre?

So on today’s banner I free pulled a Deirdre with a speed boon, I can’t decide if I should merge it into my res boon copy or vice versa.

Definitely keep the +Res Deirdre. At +1, she’ll want to have that extra res to more consistently activate Divine Naga’s refine

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+Res. Her speed will still be kinda low even with a Spd boon.

I agree, +res is useful for +eff [Divine Naga] activation and also for taking on dragons (mainly blues)

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I think +Res is her best boon now to help her consistently activate Divine Naga. The effect depends on her visible Res so the more she has, the better.


yeah deirdre’s speed isn’t all that grand. I would suggest the res boon so she’ll be an even bigger threat to those dragon bois

I find +Spd better as she can double naturally with it. +Res doesnt give you anymore that you need

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I agree with Roy here

Spd is a stat that needs to boost to be useful, and Deirdre is a unit with already enough res to reliably proc it.