Which boss fights that were hyped up by the story but ended being disappointingly easy?

As you know, the story hypes up certain boss fights at times and make the bosses sound like they are some sort of invincible being. But sometimes these bosses end up being surprisingly easy fights. For example Ivan’s mammoth form fight. For such a hyped up boss, he wasn’t hard at all. This may sound arrogant of me considering I lost my first fight with him, but in my second attempt I had a really easy time. I know the Golem makes it easier but I think that even without the Golem support I don’t think the fight would have been too hard. Which fights that were hyped up by the story ended up being easy for you?

I can’t think of a specific example offhand, but I will say that I’m glad for the health of the game that difficulty scaling tends to be modest at best.

One of the major saving graces for this game is that gold units aren’t borderline mandatory for progressing without tearing your hair out.

Usually I find myself trying to keep story battles more interesting by not reading up on the details and by not taking 3x MLB scope teams.


That specific fight will likely be rather polarizing, because its difficulty is based largely on a specific gimmick that not everybody will encounter every time. Personally, I found that fight extremely annoying, since he used Emergency Prerogative no less than four times against my team.

But then, I guess it was payback for obliterating several bosses with consecutive Musashi NPs, to get back to the thread topic.

Also a good point. I go into all story battles blind, and usually with the same team. Only if I get totally trounced do I look-up resources online or build specific counter-teams.


I think the key to that fight was meant to be popping buffs only on your planned burst turn since he could strip them. Players who tried to layer buffs over 2+ turns while waiting for cards or to build NP gauge were prone to a rude surprise.

Yeah, possibly. All I know is that he used that buff removal skill every single time I used a party-buff. It was obviously scripted, but I didn’t replay the fight to bother figuring out how. After he removed my anchor Heracles’s evade and guts buffs, I just command seal revived and ended him. Only needed one more turn, as he was down to 45k HP on his final break bar and Heracles had his NP ready.

But I’m not bitter…

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With stheno charmlocking and okki-supercharged jack… Ivan never stood a chance.

Dunno. On my two alts, I just threw all the assassins I could at him: Shiki welfare, the highest NP Jack I could find from supports, Euryale for control, then filler + Mecha Liz. Shiki and Euryale NPs remove the first bar, Jack NP + mystic code buff remove the second bar, after that it’s just scraping off the third bar, which shouldn’t be a problem for Jack. Since I didn’t bring any supports, and only used buffs on NP turn, buff removal wasn’t an issue.

On my main I just ran Charmlock with Euryale Euryale Stheno for kicks. For some reason Mammoth Ivan doesn’t have any debuff resist whatsoever, so the charms are guaranteed. Very fun times.

As for the topic, I wanted to vote Tiamat after breezing by on my first try, but for some reason I baaaarely scraped by my next two tries…

In all honesty, the Goetia fight was far too easy to me. Considering he was the final boss of the first arc, I expected him to be harder. Especially with the bond attack up bonus, they could have easily doubled his health, or kept it the same but neutral damage from all classes. I found that the second fight (against his caster form) was significantly harder due to his spamming of skills and how hard he hit my servants (my bond 10 servants all had relatively low HP/survivability at the time). If all bosses had effects similar to the Camelot grail bosses, I think the game would be much more enjoyable.

Also for any wondering, I have 0 ssr support casters, so I always use a support merlin or waver, meaning all damage is done by my servants and not high NP grailed supports.

Goetia… Sakaki Kojirou can easily solo him…

Just a bigger and weird looking swallow I heard.

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Basically every story boss fight?

They decided to leave story fights to be around that level of difficulty, so it is what it is.

The Ivan-Golem fight was really damn fun though, to the point where for the past few days I’ve been wasting my AP retrying it with all kinds of different comps/solos. It is criminal this fight has yet to return in memorial quests.


this reposting the excat same thread from reddit
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I mean, I see nothing wrong with that. We’re two different communities.

Several bosses actually. Though most main story bosses are a cake walk if you come prepared.


In particular I remember Goddess Rhongomyiad being this hyped up divine servant who could literally nuke entire villages within seconds. She was also capable of creating a pocket dimension that could split off from proper human history, though because she’s no foreign god, it was scaled back to the size of a city.

edit: Yet I soloed her with an NP1 lvl 90 Okita, kinda disappointed.

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tiamat. support merlin, waver, quetz at the time. dumb easy.

anastasia. soloed her easily with my maid alter.

lion king. double waver and mordred took care of her way too easily.

jalter. beat her with herself.

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That’s because I created that thread in Reddit. I thought that was little reason to change the opening comment. I mean, what would be point in making it different?

Yes, I have also read that doujin. >-)


lol i knew that someone was gonna use this as a joke.


Most recently ivan. 2neets + stheno destroyed him.

Heracles in agartha was easy, martha npbb crits destroyed him.

BB got destroyed by martha.

The big mommy in babylonia was fun but thanks to battle buffs martha destroyed her too

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The story boss fights in the first few singularities imo, they went down very easy, as to be expected.