Which brave hero did you pick for free? POLL

  • Brave Alm
  • Brave Camilla
  • Brave Micaiah
  • Brave Eliwood

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You can say why in the comments if you’d like.

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I haven’t picked yet and can’t decide. I wasn’t successful at summoning any with orbs.

Brave Alm is my choice, he’s probably one of my best units.
He’s really good if you need somebody to one-shot pretty much every unit, but his weakness is his res. If you’d use him, I’d recommend a Brazen Atk/Res seal to allow him to survive at least one hit of Magic, as well as pushing his attack even further.
That with L!Azura and Veronica buffs, he can become an absolutely amazing unit.

I mean my favorite FE lord so no contest :smugmicaiah:


I picked Eliwood for that Swift Sparrow 3 fodder.

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This one:

I was going to pick B!Alm to give Athena Threaten Atk/Spd3, but pulled one off the sorriee banner so now the pick will just sit until I find who has something I’m in need of.


I picked Alm because Scendscale is fun and stupid.
Though I kind of regretted it and :inherit: happened.

But, with how many red sword infantry units there are, you probably don’t need him.


Because he’s hot

Because he’s the character I like the most of the four

And because he’s hot


I picked Eli because accident
But I got Micaiah and Camilla later anyways so :woman_shrugging:

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Micaiah because I summoned the other 3 before using the Freebie.

Picked Camilla so I wouldn’t have to summon an 11th one.



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Why do people do this? It’s legit one of the most annoying things one can do here. It’s not that funny.

Politely leave my reply alone, please.

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I wanted to pick brave Cow(milla), but had to chose Micaiah instead, cause i like pm1’s guides and tend to clear infernals and abydsals using his solutions (im that lazy, yeah), still, my Matthew loves her b slot skill, so i got more than i thought I would out of her.

Eliwood because best fodder

best fodder, yeah.

But for me, I picked B!Eli because I liked him as a unit and I liked him as fodder for my boy Claude.

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B!Eliwood who was sacrificed to L’Arachel a short time ago.
I will always remember him each times I will look at l’Arachel skills :petrawink:

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Why I picked Eliwood:

Two of the Brave Heroes interested me: Eliwood (eff. lance) and Micaiah (familiarity). So, I visited the normal banner first. Eventually got Micaiah there, so Eliwood became my free pick.

Micaiah was the only logical choice for me. I don’t need more Sword Infantry units since Rutger, Lucina and Laevatein do everything i need from a Sword unit (Lucina also being dragon effective makes Alm pretty much useless to me), I don’t use Lance cavs and even if i did, there are many comparable options to Eliwood in the 3/4* pool, and lastly i already have Halloween Mia as a Staff Flier so Camilla wouldn’t really do much for me.

Plus Micaiah was the only one of the 4 winners that i voted for so i kinda had to pick her at that point.

I haven’t picked yet, but I will probably end up picking BAlm. Past experience has told me that red units are the hardest to come by (I only have 1 BRoy and 1 BCelica, while I got multiples of the other units from pittybreakers and lucky free summons).

So far I’ve got BMicaiah twice already (the first one as the free summon during the CYL banner, and the second this Halloween banner).