Which build looks the best?

I finally figured out my next merge project which is gonna be Marisa, :feh_hridexcited: which is gonna take a while to complete since my grails are low. :feh_elisad:
Here are my ideas so far.

Mixed phased brawler

Debuffing survivalist

Range tank

Bonderful Life

Brave Silencer

  • Mixed phased brawler
  • Survivalist
  • Ranged tank
  • Bonderful life
  • Brave Silencer
  • other, suggest stuff down below.

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Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Mixed phase, no contest.

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What kind of team will she be in?

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She’ll mainly be with general content and Ar offense teams.

Then probably mixed phased brawler, and add Distant Counter so you can swap builds.