Which CE’s are best?

I am using Enkidu and Archer of Shinjuku for my supports but I wanted to know which CEs are best to give them.

I don’t have all CE‘s but I got a good amount and just need to know so I can make sure my supports are well optimized.

Since both are buster NP, a buster up with starting np can never go wrong. So aerial drive and partake with king are good. This generally apply to all servants with damaging np. Golden sumo is a good general option. As I don’t have them both I will not go too detailed. Hopefully others can give you other advise base on their specific play style.

Okay let me make this easy:

If the character in question is a damage dealer with a damage dealing Np then the VERY BEST CE is ALWAYS Black Grail.

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This. With the addendum of “if you need starting gauge: Aerial Drive if their NP is Buster, Holy Night Supper if it’s not”.

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I would say Arts servants much prefer Golden Sumo than HNS, at least after Tamamo’s strengthening. Sumo is superior to HNS unless you have more Atk up than NP up, which is, well, more often than not, but at least there are times where an Atk up is more preferred.

Golden Sumo is great bc you can slap it on anyone and its effective. Both have buster ST NPs so Aerial Drive will make them hit nice and hard.

Shinjuku will appreciate Holy Night Supper since he’s an archer with high base star weight and has his own star gather skill. He also sometimes struggles to charge his NP, so I’ve had good results running him with Dive to Blue, or running with combo Arts/Buster up CEs (since his kit already includes Atk/NP damage boosts) such as Blue Cruising, Tsukimigahara Student Council, or Battle Olympia. However since Shinjuku’s kit has 0 survivability and he can’t charge his NP as fast as someone like Squirtoria or even Chloe, I would advise caution against Black Grail for softening him up too much.

Enkidu on the other hand can do well for themselves and excellent with a support, so Black Grail is an excellent pick for them. Besides that, I would say Sumo, Someday in Summer (if you want to make them dangerous and tankier), Wolves of Mibu, Imaginary Around, etc. I know there are several threads floating around here about recommended CEs for best Clay

Black Grail is solid on Enkidu, especially later when he gets his strengthening. His massive self-heal means the downside of BG can be ignored.
Honestly, he works well with most of the CEs he’s in the art of. Conversation on the Hot Sands (when damage dealer in a team), Midsummer Moment (some all around complimentary effects).

Evil old man actually has a solid number of buffs on his own, so this can be a little annoying to choose.
Stars per turn, arts and buster up, crit damage.
Volumen or Bitter Sweet (this coming valentines) helps both flat damage/NP damage and some survivability. Battle Olympia buffs his relevant card types and lets him NP on turn… uh, two.

For welfare CEs: the ones in JP’s recent summer event, Demon Princess of Heaven and Midsummer Memories; Scenic Beauty from battle in NY; the three from next Halloween; the one from this coming GUDAGUDA; and as always, Aerial Drive, Golden Sumo (Enkidu), HNS, Wolves of Mibu (Enkidu), Fortress of the Sun, Maiden Leading Chaldea, GUDA-O, and Halloween Princess. Golden Catches the Carp also lets Moriarty NP on turn 1, if that’s ever actually necessary.

I’ve put a great deal of mileage on my Enkidu, and I’d have to say that Golden Sumo or Black Grail have done the best (granted, I don’t have Conversation on the Hot Sands). I’ve tried Quick-oriented CEs for them, but I haven’t really found the appeal, and it just reminds me that it’s stupid they have a QQQAB deck.

As for Bad Grandpa… it’s always hard for me to figure out what works best for him. He also has an incredibly awkward QAAAB deck, but I’ve often found that again Golden Sumo does the trick, but if not Buster CEs are more effective than Arts given his strong single target NP. Again, you could use Black Grail, yet keep in mind he doesn’t have the survivability that someone like Enkidu does, so you’ll need to cover that with a support. I suppose in terms of free essences, Aerial Drive would work decently on him, but I haven’t yet tried it.

This is entirely correct, but I didn’t wanna overcomplicate things. Arts teams often run Waver/Casgil too so even after Tamamo’s Strengthening, you tend to have as much ATK buffs as NP buffs. Overall the difference isn’t too big anyway, generally whenever HNS works Sumo does too and vice versa, the difference being a few % at most.

Enkidu has a Quick Deck with Buster NP, so either NP damage, Attack Up and Crit damage are all great on him. Or you could try improving his Anti-Divine Niche with other CEs
Holy Night Supper, Golden Sumo, Fondant au Chocolat and Halloween Princess are all great on him, have 50% starting charge and are free CEs from events.

Archer of Shinjuku is a pain mostly because of his triple Arts deck and awkward 50% battery with 10 star cost. Golden Captures the Carp has 2000 Attack at level 100 and gives 20 stars for free on entry, but lacks any other effect.
NP damage or Attack CEs should be your focus, and ideally you should pair him with someone with Innocent Monster A or that can generate stars so you don’t have to run 2030 to compensate his demerit. If you prefer an NP centric set, run Aerial Drive (10% Buster+10%NP damage+50%charge)