Which CE to level

I’m having trouble in selecting which CE to focus leveling. My main two options are MLB golden sumo and MLB battle olympia. I plan to use these mostly on my Raikou so battle olympia effect fits perfectly with her deck. It is the only 5 star gacha CE that I have limit broken since I had gotten really lucky with my rolls. Which of these do you think would be a better pick? Thank you for your answers.

I’d go with Golden Sumo first simply because it’s more flexible. It works on anyone, and a lv100 GS is gonna beat almost any other non lv100 CE except for Black Grail.

Battle Olympia does work well with Raikou’s deck, but she already has a Buster buff while lacking a raw ATK buff, that plus Sumo’s higher buff value makes it usually better on Raikou too.

I agree with @Inkaflare about sumo, the raw attack bonus will be multiplicative with Raikou buster up. But, battle Olympia has waaay better art while also having great effects :fgo_umu:

You can also think about Aerial Dive from upcoming Halloween 3 with starting gauge, buster up and np strength up.

Golden Sumo. It takes an absurd amount of CEs to level a CE. You’ll try to make sure that as many servants as possible can benefit from that CE so you don’t waste time and resources.