Which character do you want to see have an animation renewal?

For me, I’d like Euryale (since she has so much use), David, and Cu Chulainn (caster).

Honestly though, I’d love to see all the 3 stars get animation renewals but not so much the 5 stars because mostly all of them have unique animations already. I also kinda wish focus goes to old servants rather than new, like Melt, who has good animation already and doesn’t much need a renewal imo.

And I find the unique animations of each character really enhances how much I enjoy playing the character. For example with Kiyohime, I’m pretty lukewarm about her, but after seeing her animation renewal, it makes me want to try her out more often just to see the animations. And I love Robin Hood, but the renewal made me love him much, much more. I thank the Upper Echelons of Mysterious Workings of DW everyday for it.

But what do you guys think? What characters do you want to have an animation renewal and does the animation affect how much you enjoy the character?


I’d love for the ones whose attack animations are bland… like Stheno, Martha, Marie Antoinette and the like to get new animations, or at least differentiate them better.

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Leon. Even if it’s just the NP-animation, if only to do its description - if not the Chad lad himself :fgo_illya: - justice.

scathach and lancelot

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Ding! Wish granted for Martha! She got one on Christmas 2018 in JP sooo… in one more year! Though yeah, Stheno is a goddess, she deserves flashier moves and Marie too deserves prettier considering.


While i agree just for the characters themselves. Those three all have almost congruent attack animations. Just balls of light striking the enemy with a buildup for Extra Attack…

Yeah, it’s the same for Hans and Cu Chulainn caster and Gille de Rais caster and Shakespeare and Mozart and-- I’d like to see something refreshing! Though I don’t hold much hope for 2 star animation renewals much less 1 star OTL But! 4 stars! Should get! Better! Treatment! Or at least priority sigh.

Honestly, the only Servant where I really wish for a Animation update really bad is Marie Antoinette.
Her attacks look so bad and unnatural. And they don’t fit a Rider Servant at all!
Her NP Animation looks so static.
You just need to look at it for a second to recognize, just how bad it is. And after all these fantastic animation updates, I hope she has another spot in some of the lostbelts (Britain could be possible) or in any of the future events, so DW has a solid reason to do it.

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Have to disagree here. Her Buster’s and Extra animations are pretty dope. It’s only her Quick and Arts that look kind of bland, but considering their hit count, can’t really spoof it much.
Still looks better than a majority of other Lancers imo.


@Emprisk I fully agree, and there are still a lot of them to consider, especially for Andersen and Mata Hari.

Though right now I would think it was high time that they gave Gilles a proper update. He is one of the more prominent antagonistic servants in Zero after all, and they ought to replicate his NP animation in extella link onto this game too. Maybe then they would give him a proper strengthening quest to back it up.

yeah i agree with you here ,it’s just that her quick animations are bad and if possible i would wish they could change them.example :melt’s animation is already neat but they still updated her animation

Ack! I know! It’s so bad to look at! It really doesn’t fit a ride servant! But I wonder if DW hadn’t cornered themselves for making Marie Antoinette a rider, after all, how is she a rider in real life? How would they even animate her to suit her class? Hrmmm…

I mean, afterwards they made her Summer Version a Caster Class, which doesn’t actually fit her as well. Going by her real life version, I don’t think there’s an actual class that would fit her. I could only think of her as an Extra Class, to be honest.
The only class I could really see her in, would be Avenger with her Noble Phantasm “Guillotin Breaker” actually being kinda dark and stuff, where she causes a bloodbath or something like that.
Yeah, I know, this doesn’t fit the cheerful and lovely Marie we know from FGO at all… But taking her real life, it would make at least a little more sense. Though, this is totally discussable, considering her execution was kinda reasoned(?) You see, I’m not too into her story. I can only talk about what I’ve learned in school and such. But from what I know she hasn’t done a lot of deeds - good or bad - in life. In that sense, I’m actually amazed, they made her a Servant at all.

Her being cheerful fits, to be had - she led a (somewhat) easy life, born into one of the wealthiest families in Europe, the Habsburgs of Austria, match made for her with Louis XVI, one of the most powerful and wealthy men of her age…she’s not the only Servant whose actual persona never saw combat either, if you consider the writer-duo and others, and horsepeople-class may fit insofar that the last act she did before she was incarcerated and led off to the guillotine was to ride - a coach, as she tried to flee together with her family.

literally anyone that still has generic caster ball animations in jp

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Oh, I like your idea of Antoinette as Avenger! She could still be bubbly and cheerful and sparkly, but still want revenge, I mean, it’s exactly because she didn’t do anything and got executed anyway that she could want vengeance. But I guess she made servant because of the whole “Let them eat cake” thing. I bet if it weren’t for that, she wouldn’t even be half as famous.

Let them eat cake

*Brioche, actually, as I am reading right now. A made-up quote, at that, coined by none other than Rousseau. Enlightenment™ didn’t just bring about the Guillotine, you see. :fgo_illya:

Ushiwakamaru, who deserves all the head pats. Already said before, but Euryale, who slays all men in her path.

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Gimme best boy Sanson renewal. And everyone from France already. Still bashing a sword or launching straight light orbs. Marie really needs it. Martha at least got hers recently enough.

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I think as a starting point, just update any characters just shoot light blob and that’s from 1* through to 4* eg typically casters and some riders .
The second batch can be the ones that does typical slashing eg. George, Sanson, Gilles boudica etc
last one, I think proto Cu can get some love with animation update as his move set looks quite generic