Which charged attacks do you like for Hypno in the Great LEague

I’ve got a good Hypno running Confusion and Shadow Ball. I want one of the Punch Brothers (Ice / Fire / Thunder) and I’m looking for some advice.

I’m running him with Scrafty and Azumerill (PR / HP).

PVPoke shows this team as slightly better with Hypno running Shadow Ball and Thunder Punch with Shadow Ball and Ice/Fire Punch 2 points weaker. This lineup is weak to Grass, so I’m tempted to use Ice or Fire and also weak to Flying, so Ice or Electric. Ice seems like the obvious choice, but I’m only level 6, so I’m not seeing what’s above me.

Anyone running Hypno with some stories to share? Thanks.

The Commander Keen

I never leave home without thunder punch. Beats azu that way. TP/FP is the status quo lately. Still can’t beat gunfisk, but it can at least do damage.

Lately I got into pickle and got stuck on TP/focus blast with no TMs. Not gonna lie I don’t hate it. On the safe swap it’s actually great. That way they switch in the Pokémon they want (Hopefully gunfisk) and there’s no way they can say “oh he’s staying in because he has focus blast”. Otherwise they see it coming.

IMO it’s always thunder punch and then the move of choice as long as it’s not a psychic move. Hypno has confusion for stab and doesn’t need anything else. On your team you might want fire or ice, but do the research it might still beat grass types with shadow ball. It obviously beats Venusaur, but I’d worry more about meganium in GL.
Also of note: always charge up to moves you don’t have before throwing. Hypno can take a hit, might as well try to get some shields!


I get Thunder Punch, but I’d not go Thunder and Fire Punch vs. Thunder Punch and Shadow Ball.

With Shadow Ball, Hypno beats Deoxys Defense, Wishcash, and Cresselia. With Fine Punch, he loses all of those.

The real question for me is that if you want to beat Azumarill you go Thunder Punch and if you want to beat Altaria you go Ice Punch .

Thunder Punch is most important, and every single opponent will expect it to have TP. Azumarill is far more common than Altaria, too. People using Gunfisk might be behind but they can still think they have a chance bc it could be a flyer or A-wak. But a Hypno with FP can do just enough to dash those now fading hopes

I think hypno got away from ice punch about the time skarmory got brave bird. Skarmory skyrocketed in popularity and altaria kinda sank. Ice punch still lets you beat whiscash for what’s that worth but it means you do next to no damage vs. stunfisk.
Double punch is kind of sketchy. You’re basically hoping your gonna hit for super effective otherwise you’ve got two pillow fight grade moves. Give it a whirl with shadow ball and TP

I usually ran my Hypno with Thunder Punch and Focus Blast. The reason was because when it was on my main team, I was up against a lot of normal and steel types like obstagoon, snorlax, perrserker, empoleon, bastiodon, gunfisk, registeel, etc. It surprised quite a few of them who thought I was running shadow ball.

Anyway, the problem I see with a double punch moveset is that the punches are relatively weak. Thunder punch does decent neutral damage and obviously is good against azumarill who is a lot more common than Altaria. You’ll do a lot of good damage to grass just using Confusion. I think you’re better off leaving your Hypno with TP and Shadow Ball. If you do decide to drop TP, I think I’d go with Ice Punch simply because it has more relevant coverage.

Thunder punch. Other people said it. You are still weak to grass that way of course. Hypno is not the swiss army knife some want it to be. I ran two, one surprise one with shadow ball and focus blast as closer and one with double punch. Don’t like both of them too much, there are teams with which I use the first still though. Thunder punch is obvious with your team, since you don’t have a very good answer to skarmory and azu.