Which command codes are good in Scáthach?

Hi, i’d been out of this game like for a year, adn i got back recently and well, in the Thanksgiving Banner I got my Precious Scathach :fgo_scathachlove: , and i’ve been wondering which are the best command codes in Scathach

Heavily depends on what you have but:

Magus of Flowers (10% charge on hit) helps offsetting her atrocious poor internals.

Her own Crit buff is chance based, so crit CCs like Mistress of Heavens (Buster crit), Inexistant Phantasmal Horse (Quick crit) and Gakyo no Oofude (Arts crit) would all be appreciated.

If you want to focus on her usual selling point, big NP damage, Da Vinci-chan (15% NP damage up) is a solid choice.


A combination of Star gather (Armament/Immature Illusionary) on her Arts and Gather/Crit (Armament/Lady of the Red Jewel/Cardinal Minded Retainer) buff on her Buster will help stabilize her NP gain on her usual ABB chains. Magus can also help in a pinch

If you’d rather capitalize on her ridiculous damage potential as a boss killer, Da vinci-chan boosts her already high NP modifier or you could focus her trait damage since there’s a good deal of Divine enemies, especially Servants, (God-Binding Chains/Chain of Heaven) and to a lesser extent, anti-Undead but that one is more niche (Intangible Case)

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Search for the thread dedicated to Command Codes.