Which Cresselia would you invest in for UL?

Attack - 14
Defense - 14
Stamina - 15
Overall IV - 96
PVP IV - 33.6%

Attack - 10
Defense - 10
Stamina - 15
Overall IV - 78
PVP IV - 58.1%

I know neither are ideal but I really want to run one for this season’s UL. Thanks for any advice.

The latter of course. If ressources are no problem. The attack stat is so low you usually lose the charged attack tie anyway, but the extra bulk can be imprtant

They both go to 2491, so that’s equal. The Cresselia mirror has as much to do with the Moonblast attack defuffing as first shooter, I’ve been on the losing end of those debuffs so far, always attacked first…mine is 12/13/14 2492 shiny. Cresselia has no other use than Ultra so 10/10/15 seems better

Honor PvP doesn’t use legendaries. Maybe on Master League since legendaries are actually intended to be max.
But other than that only win seekers use 'em. Besides would you even care to power up a Cresselia if it wasn’t OP? I doubt it.

Yea, and they also don’t use CD moves. And bulky Pokemon.
Personally, I am a loss seeker, that’s why I only use crappy Pokemon.
And do you know what? It really pays off :slight_smile:


weird flex but ok lol

What do you guys think about grass knot Cresselia in UL? I only have this one; I tried running in the GL, but had mediocre results.

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It makes more sense in GL, but do you have a second move at all? Only grass knot makes only sense with confusion.

I tried running confusion and psycho cut, both without good results. I didn’t have two charge moves at the time, but now I’ve got enough rare candies to get moonblast.

With two charged moves, I think it works in both leagues well. I have to make the same decision as you, only one Cresselia (nearly enough for 2nd move) and I am thinking about powering it up to UL. But man, this is expensive. I don’t know if I get there this UL season, RC is an issue.