Which dragon do you want to stab a Falchion through the most?

Which dragon do you want Marth/Chrom/Lucina/Alm to run their Falchion through the most? I swear this is not intended as an innuendo.

  • Fallen Young Tiki
  • any/all breath Corrins (especially Fallen F!Corrin, and I also know how much Corrin is disliked by the community)
  • Idunn
  • regular Fae
  • Winter Fae
  • regular Myrrh
  • Halloween Myrrh
  • regular Ninian (because of dancing)
  • regular Nowi
  • Nah
  • Summer Y!Tiki
  • M!Grima
  • F!Grima
  • Legendary Young Tiki
  • Naga (for all you people who like to run dragon emblem teams)
  • Duma
  • all dragons
  • other

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And thank Naga we DON’T have an inheritable A-slot skill to neutralize “effective against dragon” bonuses.

I know there are other dragon-effective weapons in the game, but the Falchion’s the nicest and most Fire Emblem way to kill a dragon!

All except Duma, M!Grima, M!Kana and Garon.

Fallen Tiki because that shit is straight up broken.


Halloween myrrh, especially in arena and AR

I don’t have that much trouble with Fallen Tiki. She’s annoying, but killable. :birbpeek:
Fallen Corrin though…


Fallen Corrin all day any day,she shows up;my Alm laughs :bklul:

Leave her alone and she just kills everything.

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I chose the breath Corrins because of Fallen F!Corrin. As annoying and broken Fallen Y!Tiki is, she can be countered with an armor-effective weapon (unless she has Svalinn’s Shield).

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Well we don’t have any of the Tellius dragons in Heroes yet so…

All of them

Fallen Tiki
Fallen Corrin
Garon (no, I’m not gonna call him by a certain name I made up, because of how insensitive it is)

And do this to the three of them:

I didn’t put Garon as an option because of his weapon since it negates “effective against dragon” bonuses.


He. Shall. Suffer.

I agree, but for different reasons - she has nothing fodderable for me.

What about Vengeful Fighter. Plus… I live her transformation. It looks like she’s jumping out at you

With every corrin, With that I hope that she/he Lost some alts

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Fallen F-Corrin is the one that gives me the most trouble. I almost always need to attack her multiple times to take her down, and I routinely see her damage potential on my characters in the 40s, even when she’s a random AI. Alm is the only character I have that can guarantee a one round kill on her without significant support, and mine has an awkward IV so I don’t bring him in most modes.

Fallen Tiki is annoying, but she drops easily to my Deirdre, who laughs at visible buffs.


Her weapon negates “effective against dragon bonuses.” Good luck trying to kill her, then!

Doesn’t mean that L!Marth can’t still do the job. :thinkinglikelukas:

Sure. But Sothis is really fast. You’ve gotta buff the crap out of L!Marth’s speed then (though I think his base A skill may do the trick as long as he doesn’t have the speed bane).

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