Which Eir is better for taking down dragon,beasts in AR?

If I put it in the wrong category, sorry
Is this Eir or og Eir better (just imagine og Eir with same build except weapon and c skill)

Og Eir with splashy bucket and another B-skill. Splashy combines dragon effectiveness with mystic boost cancelling out adaptive damage. Og Eir has a better offensive statline (but not by much,) so given NY! Is a Grail unit, she’ll be your best bet.

Use those skills, sub A for fury 3 to increase everything and keep HP even with mystic boost. Temari and a wind blessing is also excellent to combine with units like Hrid and Gunnthra for Mass debuffs.

You can combine her with B!Micaiah or Yune for the same debuffing while focusing on a flier team.


Thanks for the advice :feh_catria: