Which Event is Your Favourite, Least Favourite, and Most Disappointing

I thought this would be a cool topic to discuss. These are my picks for favourite, least favourite, and most disappointing event.

  • Favourite - Nerofest: Not heavy on story but lottos are my favourite events in the game as every time I run a node I feel like I’m making tangible progress on one of my favourite servants and the extra rewards like Mana Prisms & QP are fantastic as well. The CQ’s aren’t perfect with King Hassan for example being laughable for such a asinine reward (5 gallstones & a ST, what a joke) but the best ones are highly enjoyable and give a opportunity to benchmark my overall progress which is pretty gratifying (personal highlight: Siegfried gets taught elementary and is promptly destroyed by Chloe). Considering how many level ups and skill maxing this event allowed me to do this year this one is easily my favourite. Honourable mentions: Summer 1 Part 1 (best dialogue in the game, well picked cast), Little Santa Alter (Lotto & a nice story), Prisma Codes (my first event).

  • Least Favourite: Probably a toss up between Moonfest and Valentines as I quit both events early once I got what I wanted. Both events had weak dialogue, boring stories, and meh shops contributing to them being at the bottom of the pile.

  • Disappointing - CCC: From a gameplay perspective I’d put this 50/50 as Some of the event mechanics were incredibly annoying for this one with time gating, event missions (kill 30 enemies yay), and constant diversions (buying BB’s crap) but the back half saved it from a gameplay perspective as the Phoenix Feather drop rates were truly wonderful, the extra missions were really fun, and BB is a wonderful CQ specialist (10/10/10 right out of the event) making a great reward for going for 100%. The story is probably where I was most disappointed as the deus ex machina ending, meh dialogue , and over focus on Melt really ruined the plot for me. In the end this wasn’t a bad event but I went in expecting a Camelot level event and instead got something closer to E Pluribus Unum.

Sound off below on your own picks.

My favorite event is : CCC, gosh I really liked Melt and Passionlip.

Least favorite event: this Halloween event with Brave Liz, the grinding is atrocious and the story is meh for me.

The worst event is Summer 1 part 1 and 2. In part one they still tried to bring up some story, but part 2 was a boring mess, which focused on those pigs. Yikes.

  • Favorite: CCC just by virtue of having a consistently fun story.

  • Least Favorite: Definitely Moonfest lmao

  • Most Disappointing: Summer 2 I think? I knew ahead of time that Summer 1 wasn’t all that great but I was looking forward to some of the characters in Summer 2, so that event was a bigger difference in expectations I think.

Favorite: CCC
Least favorite: probably moon festival
Most dispappointing: definitely summer 1 part 2
Or maybe summer 2

My favorite event so far is probably Christmas 2. Jalter Lily is the best Lil Sis in the game IMO.

Least favorite is probably Rashomon. I like Monster Hunter so I’m no stranger to “Kill this big bag of Hit Points an excessive number of times” types of missions, but when it feels like it never changes over the course of the grind it gets old fast.

I don’t know what the most disappointing event would be, I’ve been pretty happy with them for the most part.

Absolute favorite : C.C.C by far. The most interresting story and the less simpleton.

  • Favorite: CCC - engaging story, really nice character interactions, and solid ambience. It was the most I’ve really felt sucked into an event.
    (Special mention for Valentines 2019 just for getting to pal around with Shakespeare, who I love)
  • Least Favorite: NeroFest 2019. The challenge quests were the right amount of heavy challenge right until First Hassan and the Finale Redux. I managed to scrape a win on Hassan (and got Nero off the ticket), but couldn’t manage Redux Finale, and it kind of soured me on the whole thing. Way too punishingly hard at the end.
  • Most Disappointing: Demon’s Wail at the Prison Wall. I actually really liked it being a purely story focused event. I just wish there had been more of it!

Favourite is a close call, but I’m giving it to my very first event in the game Fate/Accel Zero Order (Thank you to the person who helped me fix the name of that event) with CCC a VERY close second.

Least favourite without any doubt at all is the Sanzang event. That was the worst grindy bullshit I have ever experienced in this game. It’s also my most disappointing event because it was my second event, after my first event being Zero Order so I just thought all events were going to be like that.

I’ll definitely have to revisit my opinion once I get a chance to play the reruns for Fate/Accel Zero Order and Garden of Sinners. I’m super pumped for them.

The favourite would be KnK event, because it was the first one i did, and because i like Shiki.
The least favourite would be moonfest because its just boring and didnt have any bigger reward
The most dissapointing would be gudaguda, cause i missed it the first time, and i was waiting for rerun while seeing many memes about it, so i thought it would be quite funny, but it wasnt as good as i hoped

Nero Fest is by far my favorite. When you can come out of an event with 300+ secret gems, max QP and gold exp stuffed everywhere possible, how can it be anything but the best? KnK was cool because it turned me onto a really sweet anime and the OST for the event was awesome.

I don’t really have a least favorite. Some events can be kind of annoying to farm, but nothing least favorite status.

Most disappointing would mean something I was looking forward to. Can’t say there has been anything like that. I look forward to servants and farming events for mats for said servants, not all that concerned with looking ahead to story aspects.

(This probably isn’t the right thread for me lol)

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  • Favorite: Nerofest: CHALLENGE QUESTS. It’s the only time of year you’re actually challenged to invest your time, put together a team, and figure out how the encounters work. It’s so rewarding to see your effort pay off, and your comp win, despite being F2P, or having an unfit roster for said quest. Every other time of the year most quests are quite doable with the right support, even if you’re a new player, and there’s too much room for error, with CS + quartz revives. Inviting me to solve 15 challenge quests, coming out sequentially one after another, was the biggest fun I’ve had in the game to date. Even though I became frustrated with some of them, I ended up missing them the moment they were over. I wish they gave us more difficult quests. I think we’re missing the point of acquiring these stalling, buff stacking, NP looping characters when they only find use in farming 99% of the time. The game could benefit a lot from challenging us wholly apart from the already established event, material gathering, summoning aspect, which is entrenched in games like these for a reason.

  • Least favorite/ Disappointing: Anything that demands of me gacha CEs in able to farm. Huge nuisance as I inevitably end up spending more time than I should farming, and disappoint my friends when I simply am unable to properly assist them with MLB CEs. This will increasingly become a trend as we approach newer events. It’s really sad they’ve chosen this way to entice us to spend money on the game.

My favorite is Christmas cause most christmas servants are great and Ce are also worth using. Can’t forrget that it has lottery.
My least Favorite is Brave Halloween cause it only give you a frigging 1 sq and nothing else not even a ticket. The hell is up with that.
My most disappointing event is when Merlin shows up cause i would be rolling in vain. For Solomon i rolled for 900 and 30 tickets and didn’t even get a single 5* servant and in 7 mil event i rolled 450 sq and 30 tickets and still didn’t get a single 5* servant. I think Merlin is cursing cause i didn’t even get a 5* spook for how much i rolled.

My favourite is CCC. It’s an event which like a singularity.

My least favourite is moonfest. I almost forgot this event exist.

I’m disappointed on nerofest. Lottery and CQ event which is very fun for me. But lack of proper story even though it has potential to have more interaction between servants.

Favorite is CCC simply because unlike the others it was basically another singularity and a good one at that while other events just kinda feel like going through the motions

Least favorite was the Orion Artemis moon one because it was so uninteresting, gave nothing worthwhile and I honestly forget that I ever did it

Disappointing was Nerofest which although was amazing for mats and farming had nothing worthwhile story or character wise which is kinda why I like the events.

Favorite: Fate Extra CCC – Despite it being classified as an event, it damn may as well be a story singularity. I’m a fan of Fate Extra so this event was already a big plus for me. I had high hopes and I was not disappointed. I liked the humor, I liked the dark story. Even characters I didn’t think I would like, the alter egos and Tamamo Cat, I came to like all of them in their own ways. Melt was my least fav but I still enjoyed everything she did. Before CCC started I was not planning to roll for anyone, but by the end I was rolling, hoping for anyone. In short everything about CCC clicked with me. The story, the aesthetics, the music, the battles. Even the Summon Banner where everything, including the CEs, I would have been happy to have.

Least: Sanzang Coming to the West – I’m not sure why, but this event just didn’t capture much of my interest. Perhaps because I was low level at the time or maybe due to the grinding or possibly because the servants didn’t stand out well for me but something about this event is forgettable and bore me. I’m looking forward to the Rerun to see if I’ll like it better this time around or at least identify why I didn’t have much interest the first time.

Disappointing: Demonic Capital Rashomon – When Rashomon first dropped I didn’t clear E Pluribus Unum so I could not participate. Still the entire tone and a story dealing with oni got me interested. I also like the designs of Ibaraki and Shuten as well as the event CEs. I was surprised later when I participated in Onigashima that it was tied to the events of Rashomon. I enjoyed Onigashima and was hyped to see what happened in Rashomon. The fact that two events, not even back to back, were connected, hyped this up a lot for me (as far as I know there hasn’t been any other English release where the plot of one event rolled over into another event not directly following it). Then the Rerun came and all we did was wait outside a gate for Ibaraki to stop by for her daily thump.

The event wasn’t bad and was fun. It ranks between average and above average in event enjoyment for me, but I was expecting… I guess something like CCC levels of amazement and I didn’t get that.

ccc trashes all the other events tbh

moon goddess was probably the most bleh, but I’m willing to give it a pass for being an early game event

summer1 p2 was the worst for after the game hit its stride though. boar piglet stew, anyone?

most disappointing: the quality drop from summer1 p1 to summer1 p2


favorite event is the ones that will give me shit I need

my least favorites are most of them, because they dont give me shit I need

I skip the story for all of them now lol

Fav event : KNK
Less Fav : Summer because salt is too strong
Disappointed : 1st Nerofest… I was severely underleved

Favorite: Fate/Accel Zero Order - An event that is like a singularity that had a good story

Least Favorite: TIE!!! Summer 2 - Despite it’s weaknesses, Summer 1 at least had a reason for all the class changes (i.e. the Summer Servants Spirit Origins were changed via Scathach’s magic). On the other hand Summer 2’s story was a LOT weaker than Summer 1’s (Seriously, that ending? The entire reason for The Race? GROAN) and the fact that characters Spirit Origins were up and changed simply because they changed outfits never sat well with me (after all, if it’s that easy then why are servants stuck in one class so strictly when all they’d have to do is change their clothes and they could be another class!)

Least Favorite: TIE!!! Moon Goddess - Do I even have to explain this one? No real story, total grind fest, and the rewards, while useful, don’t really justify pouring a ton of time or effort into it. Thus it became boring too quickly.

Disappointing: CCC - Don’t get me wrong, the story was great! Unfortunately the time gating, mixed with negative reputation the event had, mixed with the shop just for stuff to unlock parts of the Event, mixed with how it felt like if you bought the wrong thing at the wrong time you were potentially hurting your chances to get that event done. The less said about the ‘Big Boss Fight’ the better. And then there’s BB’s Theme Music. It was there. It felt non-stop at times. It got so bad that I starting playing with no sound at all, and to this day any time I use BB I turn the music off just so I don’t have to hear that song when I use her NP. With that said, as I said, I liked the story.