Which Fighting type charge attack do you think is best for PvP and Rocket Battles for Lucario?

  • Close Combat
  • Power-up Punch
  • Aura Sphere

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Aura Sphere is with no doubts winner when it comes to Gyms and Raids, but I’m really curious to see what other thinks is better choice when it comes to Trainer Battles format. And also; do you think Lucario with AS can work best for all battle formats (Gyms, Raids, PvP, Rocket Battles)? Or it can work, but would be better with PuP or CC?

Aura Sphere is a Stone Edge/Shadow Ball clone in PvP. Since Lucario has Shadow Ball, that should be preferred for coverage. Close Combat might be interesting but Lucario is so glassy it probably won’t work in practice.

In practice, Shadow Ball won’t get used a lot to begin with. Not even for coverage. Tried and found it out the hard way.

For Rockets I would probably run Aura Sphere in hopes of crash bombing into a Snorlax or Lapras and killing it.

I haven’t tried it myself, but I think PuP + Close Combat can work if this Lucario is exclusively used for Rocket Battle.

With the move update, Close Combat now needs less energy to activate than Aura Sphere, but with same power. The debuff of Defense shouldn’t be too much of a trouble, because after 2 PuP to break shields and then nuke with a CC or AS, Lucario usually faints no matter what.

That being said, I’d say Aura Sphere is definitely the way to go if you use Lucario for both Gym/Raids and Rocket battles. But it’ll probably need a bit more levelled up or with switch-in strategy to be able to reliably launch an Aura Sphere in Rocket battles.

In Rocket battles, you’re right. In actual PvP battles, I strongly disagree. Shadow Ball is almost a necessity if you don’t want Lucario to get walled by any of the six different types that resist Fighting moves. Shadow Ball hits four of those types for neutral damage and two of those types for SE damage.