Which fish should I evolve?

Just got a lucky Magikarp with A 15

But at the same time, I have another Magikarp which has better iv (98%)

I have been using a lucky Kyogre to attack gyms so I am not in rush. But I do want to evolve one of these fishes since the old Gyarados I had was pretty bad. Which one do you recommend?

Since you already have the lucky Kyogre, I probably wouldn’t be in a rush to evolve either, tbh. Plus, you already have a fairly high level Gyarados with the right moves, and it’s IVs aren’t exactly abysmal.

Now that Groudon is gone, there isn’t much coming up that we know of that Water-types will be needed for. I would save your dust for now, and worry about making another Gyarados when you feel that you’ll need another. By then, who knows, maybe you’ll end up catching a high level weather-boosted Karp, and save yourself a ton of dust/candy.

Should you not find a better Karp by then, I would personally go for the lucky one. It will have slightly less bulk, but it’ll also cost you significantly less dust to power up.

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Unless you are lacking good counters for Entei and plan to raid it a lot (beyond the five free passes) this weekend.

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Damn, I knew I was forgetting something. Whoops! Still, I’m not sure I’d recommend a heavy investment for a single day of raiding.

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Thank you! I will hold on for a moment. I also have some CD feligatr, should be enough for Entei if I get the chance to raid.