Which for my free choice?

  • Eliwood because dual effectiveness and a strong stat line for Galeforce.
  • Alm because Scendscale and I don’t want bad IV’s on his stats
  • Camilla because I don’t have a flying healer
  • Neutral Micaiah because of F2P guides

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I’m struggling to decide who would be a good Free CYL 3 pick for the long run.

Originally, it was going to be Micaiah, but I pulled a -Hp +Atk Micaiah at the last pull (44 F2P orbs). Now it’s between the other three or pick the neutral Micaiah for F2P guides.

Eliwood is a good Lance cav with nice dragon and Beast Slaying skills. I’m having trouble against some of the tanker Dragons/beasts in Arena Assault and in Aether Raids. Eliwood can help me deal with them with a strong Galeforce build.

Alm is a super strong Dragon killer because of his Scendscale true damage. I chose Brave Celica last year because she was capable of running a great Armorsmasher build if her speed and attack weren’t affected in a negative way. I’m highly considering doing the same for Alm because his speed hits a very good number and his Attack keeps Scendscale functional.

Camilla is a consideration because I’ve been in search of a Flying healer so I don’t have to always run awkward passive healers in multiple map challenges. At the same time, I’ve been playing fine without one. It’s a hard sell. Plus, I think Brave Veronica has been sufficient enough for even F2P guides too.

What do you guys think? I’ll update this discussion if I get Eliwood, Alm, and/or Camilla from the TT orbs and how it affects my pick.

Any feedback is appreciated! Thanks!

If youre playing for effectiveness, I have to go with Alm. He’s really strong in a way where I don’t see it getting replaced any time soon unlike the others. I don’t use guides, so I don’t know how reliant you are on them It could be a good investment, but it feels like a waste.

Alm is also the hardest to roll for as he’s red so it’s nice to free pick the red one