Which game deserves a remake the most?


Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light, Mystery of the Emblem, and Gaiden will not be included due to already receiving remakes. Awakening, Fates, and Three houses are also not eligible due to being too recent.

  • Genealogy of the Holy War
  • Thracia 776
  • Binding Blade/Sword of Seals
  • Blazing Blade
  • Sacred Stones
  • Path of Radiance
  • Radiant Dawn

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Blazing Blade, no doubt about it.


Genealogy of the Holy War has many outdated mechanics, like how reading works in that game, however, the story could be modernized and the characters more fleshed out, like Chulainn and Beowulf.
Thracia needs one too, but Genealogy first


Definitely genealogy


I agree, but I won’t vote to keep neutrality.


Either of the Tellius games, so more people can actually get their hands on them. Instead of looking at the current secondary market price tags and understandably passing.


As much as I would love to officially play Geneology with polish, I don’t think it’s coming close to one any time soon. Binding Blade on the other hand is a game I feel many people are forign to and IS would genuinely be up for remaming. It’s mechanics, while not bad to this day, are extremely outclassed compared to the other two GBA games. The translation, while ok, is far too unpolished at points to where you just wish BB was the first FE released in the West. And everything about it feels so simple and feels like it deserves an upgrade. They could give Roy proper character (especially considering he now has an official English va), the supports can be reworked and revamped, certain mechanics like Thieves not being able to premote or menus can be fixed, and a lot more.
I know that can be said for the other games as well, but I mean come on. The director of SoV said himself that Binding Blade would be an awesome game to remake and I agree. And who knows? Maybe they’ll somehow get Blazing Sword in there as well, would do a lot for me to see my fav FE in HD and fully voiced <3


I would kill to have a Sword of Seals and Blazing Sword mashup game


Ya see, there’s no easy answer here, but I think FE6, for the moment, deserves it more. genealogy has too many problems plaguing it’s remake to make me want to have it remade yet. It’ll just muddy the story as far as I can tell.




Binding Blade deserves a remake more than the others.


Hard to say.
Deserves probably FE4

But that’s not the remake I want (first).
I feel FE6 is the perfect game to remake.
A solid foundation of good ideas and characters, but FE6 feels in a lot of ways like it’s very vanilla, very plain. With many story elementen being a bit basic.

I think that’s the game that can make for an amazing remake and for IS I’m sure a lot of new fans are gonna be curious for Roy’s game.

Also, gotta say FE8 needs it the least. The game is not perfect, but it’s very tightly made. Good maps, story, presentation. Has aged like fine wine.
A remake wouldn’t really add anything.

And FE5 really only needs to get one with or after FE4.


I’d love to see remakes of the Jugdral series. Part of the reason I’d want to see a remake of these games first is due to them being the oldest games that haven’t had a remake yet but I also think they’re the games that would benefit the most from some of the newer mechanics of the Fire Emblem series, specifically supports. While it’s story is great, a lot of characters felt underdeveloped. It would be really great to see supports between characters like Ethlyn and Lachesis or Shannan and Oifey that give more insight into what the characters are going through and what’s made them that way. We hear nothing from Lachesis after Eldigan’s death but they were so close, it must have affected her greatly. How does she get from that point to becoming this generation’s only master knight? Did she do it to honor her brother? Had it always been an ambition of hers? Little things like that could help create a deeper attachment to the first generation characters before they’re brutally ripped away halfway through the game.

The games also have some strange gameplay mechanics. The maps in Genealogy were massive and Kaga admitted the strategy war simulation elements suffered in favor of trying to tell an intricate story, which is why he focused more on gameplay and less on giving characters backstories and personality in Thracia. The Fire Emblem series has gotten to the point I think they could handle both now, giving both improved gameplay elements and more fleshed out characters.


I think FE6 will get one first if it happens, but FE4/5 deserve it more. Everything about it is really outdated to the point where modern gamers would find it hard to play. FE6 could use a few touch ups but as it is its still new player friendly. Just about as good as the other gameboy games.


I am happy to see that there is so much agreement that Genealogy deserves to be remaked.
I have never played it but from what I have read abput the plot, the characters and how the story is told, it seems to be a great game.

I just don’t have the will to play it in its current state. I like to replay some old fire emblems, but the art of the game just hasn’t aged ver well.
I would LOVE to see a remake of it.

If I had a second vote, I would go for the Marth Archanea games. I always wanted to play a game with the series’ main protagonist, but all the games I started were just no fun for me. There was always something that bugged me.
But since they already have been remaked, Genalogy really deserves it more.

These are the two entries of the Fire EMblem series that I’m still missing.


As much as I’d like a Sacred Stones remake, I’ve gotta choose Geneology because they’ve already remade FE1 and FE2, so it would make sense to remake FE3 and give it an official English translation.


Well, now that I’m not falling asleep, I’ll elaborate more.

Now why would I say FE6 instead of Genealogy you may ask, when I’m such a huge FE4 fan (even though I criticize it about as much as I criticize Awakenin for it’s flaws), well, it’s because I’m a fan that I feel mortified at a remake. Think about it.

The gameplay would hopefully be fixed, which is a great, plus, but all those things aside, the story would likely suffer. FE wants to keep it’s teen rating, and the amount of censorship and removal of certain situations in the story to allow a T rated sequel is so difficult now that I fear that the entire story might need to get re-worked to fit the ESRB/any other rating system.

That’s why I choose 6. 6 Has a relatively tame story (they can Berkut the game and make it good via expanding it), they can polish the gameplay (hopefully), maybe change a few things in the maps to make them slightly better, and hey, they can even give most characters emotions.

But I just don’t want to see Genealogy’s story (with all of it’s beauty’s and flaws), tossed away for a ESRB rating just to allow the major fanbase to play it (Thus the T rating).


Also I’m pretty sure the director for Echoes said he wanted to remake FE 6


Yeah. I think that was the first game they mentioned when asked. To be fair, Roy should get a remake considering his popularity.

I just hope they make the story/character’s interesting enough to stop me from falling asleep and or getting annoyed at them. But only time will tell.


I pretty much share all of ArgentSables thoughts on this.
Aside from that, reworking newer staple mechanics like supports into older games is a tricky thing, as I felt that Echoes’ supports were generally underwhelming. Genealogy’s romance system would mean a load of possible S supports as well, and I personally think that the 3DS games didn’t handle that well either, with many of them simply feeling forced.
Or what about the Map Design? It’s hard to think that they would keep the huge maps the way they are, but how can you change such a core aspect of the game without ruining its unique feel? And of course, the whole ratings thing.
A genealogy remake has so much potential for failure that we might be better off not getting one.