Which Grail unit next?

  • Y!Inness
  • Ethlyn
  • Other (Comment)
  • Wait for a really good new one

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Currently having a conundrum on which grail unit to invest into next.

Young Innes is REALLY GOOD and would be great as a general-purpose unit. He’s powerful and I like SS.

Ethlyn is supposed to be the restore trapping/odd recovering/damage dealing cav healer, but I don’t take AR seriously, so I’m questioning whether to really invest 2700 grails into her.

If there are better options to consider, I’m open. However, none of the grail units I plan to use in Arena (I just did Caellach).

Or should I wait for a new one to come that’s going to be really good?

Grails take a while to really get, so I’m really thinking here.


Ethlyn, as far as I know, doesn’t have anything unique enough to her to be worth the grails. Nanna should be able to do all the restore/odd-recovery/killing stuff that Ethlyn could do, so unless you like her character a lot I think that’s a pretty iffy one. Young Innes is awfully good, so out of those two I think it should be him if either. What other options would be good depends on what your needs are.

But, like you said, grails take a long while to accumulate. How many do you have right now? If you’re a long ways off from being able to finish a grail unit, I’d strongly suggest waiting. Because if it’s gonna be maybe several months before you can finish one, it’s much more likely that something will come out in that timeframe that you’ll want more than whichever one you start now. It’s unlikely, I think, that there’ll be a better option than Innes, because he’s abnormally strong for a grail unit, but you never know.


Of the two, Mininnes. Ethyln is just a slightly better Nanna that requires a ridiculous number of Grails

But if you have no immediate use for Mininess outside of just general purpose, there’s no need to highly merge him. He still puts in tons of work as an unmerged or +1 unit. You can save the Grails for someone else.


You could go to +9 with Y!Innes and get the last one via limited manuals since grails have become regulars there


I’d also like to point out that the only real reason you would start to +10 Ethlyn at this point is because

  • You Like Her
  • She has a Prf

And afaik she’s due for a Prf Staff Refine next January or so. Lots of time to spare while you focus on Minnes. Just wait until you have enough for him in case a Grail unit comes along you want to merge
cries in three back to back Sacred Stones Grail Units


My current Grail count is around a few hundred, so I’m going to be waiting a while.