Which Green Armor to use?

Hello everyone, how are you? I I’ve got Five great green Armors with high potential, and i’d like some advice on which one to use. They are: Valentine’s Greil (-HP, +Spd), Valentine’s Hector (-Hp,+Def), Fallen Robin (M) (-Def,+Spd), Brave Ephraim (-Res,+Def) and Winter Chrom (-Res,+Hp). I made a post on the first three before, but I summoned brave Ephraim and thought I’d throw Chrom in there as well.

When it comes to investment, all I’ve really got is an extra Duma with Bold Fighter. From the IV side, Hectors got the best one. while Ephraim’s got the best base kit. I’d like to know who would be the best to use, so I’d appreciate some helpful advice, thanks!

I can only vouch for one of these, and that is my old LA Hector. He was a BEAST.
My build for him was just Moonbow instead of Glimmer, Wary Fighter (though VF would work too), and the Brazen Atk/Def seal.

It all depends on what role you want your green tank to fill. All of those armors are fantastic units but they all serve a different purpose as an armor. So what are you wanting your green armor to do on your team?

My Brave Ephraim is a beast.

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I’m not sure, really, I suppose id just want a great bow counter, since I’ve already got a great mage counter (Winter Cecilia). If I stick to their base kits, then Grima would prove to be the most effective. If I ever somehow get a spare vengeful fighter unit, then Hector would likely be better. Still not sure though. I’ve actually been using Greil for a while now and while he’s been doing me good, I feel like these guys may have more potential.

I think Greil is a better mixed tank. Slap Quick Riposte and Bold Fighter on V!Hector tho, and archers are going to cry when they see him.

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Greil actually has similar stats to Surtr, but he lacks a prf. I guess it depends on what weapon you would run on him.

Actually, why not you try running V! Hector with Wary Fighter B skill, Quick Riposte Seal and Glimmer/Moonbow as your special? Berserk Armads is a built-in Wrath weapon, so it comboes well with those specials. Not to mention, Wary Fighter allows him to avoid doubles, and Quick Riposte also guarantees a double if Glimmer/Moonbow can’t take out his enemies. How does that sound?

Um, wary fighter prevents the user from doubling too, so QR would become useless.

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Oops, my bad. Was thinking abt smth else. For seal, if ur alrd using Distant Def on Cecilia den use close def on Hector. But if u aren’t, den put it on Hector so he can better tank against bows I guess

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If it’s a bow counter you want, go with M!Grima, but swap his Expiration for a Def refine Lightning breath, Fortress Def/Res 3 for his A (If you have it. Go for Sturdy Stance if it’s a budget build), and have Atk/Def bond as his seal if your team can pull off bond skills well. You might want to look out for him on another banner though, to fix his Def bane. Would he be on an armour team that has access to armour buffs and/or armour march?

Well, first of all, I didn’t really get him from a banner, I just got lucky and summoned him. Secondly, I don’t really think my team is made for buffs, it’s more of a mixed team. I’ve got a Tibarn, Adrift Corrin(M), Greil and Winter Cecilia. I don’t have any plans for replacing anyone but Greil at the moment. I think I’m just gonna train them all up and then see which works best.