Which GSSR Class Banner Is the Best Gameplay-Wise?

I know this is still a couple of months off, but this is the first time that the GSSR is being split into each class + extra for NA so I wanted to see which class banner y’all felt had the most top-tier choices or least amount of duds (barring waifu/husbando reasons).

As usual, the Caster banner has two Tier EX choices available in Waver and Merlin but also has quite a lot of duds, in my opinion. So if you’re pretty risk-averse I see some people shying away even if you really want Merlin.

The Rider , Archer, and Lancer banners seem decent – several good choices, and some that are not so great but no one I’d really consider a dud except for probably Mebd and Orion.

Extra seems to have the most appealing options. Extra classes tend to be a luxury but their members sure seem tantalizing from a gameplay perspective. This banner seems to be calling my name the most.

What do you guys think?

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The answer always depends on what you have vs. what would benefit you most. The closest thing to an answer is for players without premier Caster supports to try for one; otherwise it’s a tough call.


I’m gonna have to go with either Extra or Lancer Class.

Extra Classes are a luxury, but a lot of them have great uses and could be put in many teams. Also most, if not all, of the servants in the Extra Class summoning are limited so it’s a good chance to get a rare servant while you can.

A lot of the base servant classes have good choices but also a bit of duds as well. Archer has Artemis/Arjuna, Rider has Medb/Maid Alter, Caster has…well quite a bit.

But looking at Lancers, there’s not really a dud or bad servant in the list to me (maybe Tamamo due to her focusing on a niche use but she’s still good at it) and the Non-Limited Lancers being Enkidu/Karna who are very good with Karna being, imo, one of the best SSR Lancers in the game.(including JP)

I know there really isn’t a BAD SSR servant and any class you choose will give you a useful servant, but Lancers have a lot more quality with what you can get compared to the others to me.


Has the highest damage potential at NP1 of the SSR Riders (70k @NP1, 100% OC - this is equal to NP5 Ozy or NP5 Quetz). She has pretty good NP gain imo with her passive NP gain/turn and wonderful support potential for 1/2 the game’s cast.

Great utility in CQs - the guaranteed NP drain is hella useful, and with the proper support his NP gain and sustained damage is fixed.

Neither of them are perfect, though.

Someone on here created a nice little spreadsheet where you rank each of the Servants from -2 to 2, then gives you the average score for that class to see what you want. For instance, someone who doesn’t have Merlin, Waver or Tamamo should almost certainly go Caster…but someone with all 3 and only Herc should probably go with Berserkers.

I’d probably say either the Rider or Caster has the best absolute overall value gameplay-wise, though. Even the relative dubs (Scheherazade, Illya, Iskandar, Medb) have great use and are wonderful if you want to invest in them.


I’m with you. With the exception of getting another Kiara, all the Extra class options are appealing to me on some level. And the possibility of netting some Salieris as the only 3 Star Extra really helps.


going with castor till i get merlin.

My Chaldea would deeply appreciate another Saber, so if I don’t get Sigurd on his rate up I’ll go with that banner for GSSR. IF… if I do get lucky to get him. I’ll roll on Extra class in hopes of NP2 Hokusai or bringing home Melt.

I say go for what you need/want. The big caster names are already flooding the support list, so getting them really only opens up double Merlin/Waver team comps. Very good for some CQs and raids, mostly unneeded for anything else.

I should go for the rider banner since that’s the class I lack any 5* servant for, but I’ll be going extra since I don’t really NEED a 5* rider due to Kintoki existing. I already have NP2 Abby as well as NP1 Jeanne and JAlter, but I’m hoping for the ever-illusive Melt. Kiara, Hokusai, or Dantes would also be welcome, as would NP2 JAlter. As a bonus, no chance of getting NP4 Vlad this time around (he enjoys spooking me…)

This class based banner gives us more chance to get what we want. Others GSSR is 1/20 or 1/30 chance, wow. Caster banner has 2 EX tier, but if you roll skadi, you can ignore them and focus on NP lv up your SSR. Good luck.

If you don’t have good supports or no 5* caster at all, you should summon for Caster GSSR class. Even if you don’t get one of the big 3 supports you can get a potential ST nuke in Sanzang and great farmers like Nero Babe and Da Vinci.

Lancer is also a great value for what you can potentially get. Great boss killers like Scathach, niches like Tamamo, and super farmers like Artoria, Ereshkigal, and Karna, who also is great for certain boss fights.

In my personal opinion, the class where you can get less value for your buck is saber… for now. Most of them having too specific or very vanilla skill sets that won’t improve until next year and onward. Mordred will become a beast in two years, Nero Bride receives a incredible buff on her NP skill next year I believe, and Artoria will receive several upgrades, but nothing QoL worthy for the rest.

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Is there any list for which servants will be available on the banners?

Here ya go! @rmckinney26

Cropped the list from the wiki.


I’m personally going for the Extra class. Considering most of the extra classes are good to awesome. Plus, the guaranteed Salieri is hard to pass up.

I’d say the problem with the Extra class options are that they’re ok at what they do, but never really great, and since they’ll (almost) never really have full class advantage NP1 isn’t ideal for their damage output.

Jeanne and Jalter are (maybe) the best options there for NP1 (I don’t have/use Sherlock, so he might be another one that is fine there) but the others imo really, really benefit from NP2+ status, especially the wave-clearing AoE options that will normally have class neutral damage output.

BUT new servants also give you more versatility in your roster, so if they’re all new that’s a fine way to go about things too.

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Hah! Now that I look at this chart I figured that if they do the Anniversary in June and release the GudaGuda 3 event afterwards, we won’t have Okitan in the GSSR.

They always delay the Anniv to match the GSSR pool. They don’t want a repeat of that first GSSR.

Agreed. I’ll be going with the Extra banner as it’s a no lose situation. Jackpot is Dantes, but adding NP levels to Jalter or Hokusai is also very appealing as it would save me SQ later. The worst case scenario would be Amakusa or Jeanne, hardly a bad thing.


I’m going for Extra, as the only ‘dud’ there is Amakusa (and maybe Jeanne, as I don’t like turtling strategies). I have at least two 5* servants of every other class (4 Sabers, 2 Archers, 2 Lancers, 3 Riders, 4 Casters, 2 Assassins) except for Zerkers, and considering I have a NP3 Uncle and a number of NP2-3 4* zerkers, including everyone’s favorite Bersercar, I’m not hurting for ST damage or cocroaches, so the only one on the list that even remotely interests me is Raikou, and I’m not betting on a 1/7 chance.

On the other hand, the Extra roster is full of really good picks:
-I already talked about Amakusa and Jeanne, and while they are not to my taste, they are still decent
-Sherlock is memetic
-Jalter, while going down the tier-list because of competition, is still as bonkers as ever
-Dantés is going to be a Quick meme god with the arrival of Skadi
-Kiara is a decent looper, especially after her buffs
-Melt is another servant that is going to get really good with Skadi and her next upgrade
-Abby is best daughteru, and a decent (if situational) bruiser
-Hokusai is another refund memer
-Okitalter is… well, I don’t know much about her, but I like daishouri, and I plan on doing at least two multi-rolls on her banner anyway, because daishouri

In short, if one doesn’t have all (or most) of the prime supports, Extra is probably the best banner to go with.

Unless I get significantly spooked during the skadi rolls, I am planning on extra GSSR as well, as long as I don’t get an amakusa dupe I am basically happy with anyone on that list (maybe not abby, but that is more indifference than dislike).