Which GSSR should I roll for?

I’m planning to spend some paid Quartz on the GSSR. I want to roll the Caster banner, but I don’t think that I’ll be lucky enough to get my targets. The Extra banner seems nice, and so does the Rider banner since I don’t have any gold Rider yet. Any ideas on which banner I could roll on?

Hi OP!

If you could post a screenshot of your roster, people can give better suggestions :slight_smile:

As a rule of thumb, if you don’t have at least one of the big 4 supports: Waver/Merlin/Tamamo/Skadi, the Caster banner is a good investment.

We’ll be getting Ishtar (Rider) in tomorrow’s event so that will answer your AOE rider needs for now.

The Extra banner is usually good if you have a well-developed roster already as it gives niche classes like Alterego, Avenger, Ruler or Mooncancer.

Hope this helps!

You can never go wrong with extra class unless you just have a fair amount already. I’d say go with Extra unless you really need a 5 star rider. Most of the 3-4 star riders are more than enough to do challenge quest/main story etc. Extra Classes are always limited too from what I know, so you could get a limited SSR Extra. You could get spooked by a rider such as Drake or Ozy. Really just go with what you really need or waifu/husbando

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These are the Servants I have and have leveled up so far.

I really want to try rolling on there. Anastasia and Nero Bride don’t seem to bad, and definitely getting the support Casters will be a great addition. Still, there’s the possibility of getting Schez and I’m not a big fan of her so…

Anastasia is pretty meh. Honestly Caster Gil does just about as much damage as her. I’d say only roll for Anastasia if you like her, she isn’t a caster that will be game changing like Nero. Medusa and Ushi can get you through most of the content. I’ve used Medusa a lot more than Ushi and cleared a good amount of content with her. If you are a person that plays for gameplay then just roll for what you need, other than that I’d say roll for the waifu/husbando.

You don’t have any major support servants so I’d stick to your guns and roll for Caster. Even if you don’t get one of them you could get Nero, Sanzang or Anastasia who are great DPS Casters.

Your roster looks pretty okay if underleveled. Not a lot of gaps :slight_smile:

If getting Sche from the GSSR would make you feel bitter, I’d say roll for who you love.

Otherwise, I’d roll for Caster because getting any of the main support casters is a huge quality of life improvement and other than Sche, the DPS casters are quite good particularly Nero Caster and Xuanzang. Anastasia herself is also a sufficient AOE caster.

Just got Nero Caster from the GSSR, strangely enough while her banner is up. Guess that’s one Caster off my list.


I honestly don’t know whether to call that lucky or just depressing.

Well she’s a great farmer at least, take good care of her!

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Caster Nero is great. Congratulations! :+1:

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I’d call that lucky if he was planning on rolling for her.

Guaranteed that he got her instead of hoping for it in the Gacha, at least how I see it. Happened where I got Jalter right before Da Vinci’s event in the GSSR so I didn’t have to roll for her.

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She’s really good, so definitely keeping her. My Chaldea would definitely need more Umu in here.

Plus, I’m also planning to someday get Jalter as well, though not sure when her banner will be up

Congratulations! Nero Caster is one of the best AOE casters AND she provides bonus event drops if you put her in your party :slight_smile:


She’s a blessing indeed. Just what I was needing aside from Tamalancer and Nitocris!